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Optimizing network performance for your outdoor CBRS deployments

  • Region: NAR
  • Category: CBRS
  • Language: English
  • 55 minutes

With the recent completion of auctions, interest is peaking now in the CBRS band. Spectrum is available both under the PAL licensing scheme and via the free GAA channels. Given the low EIRP restrictions for the CBRS band, proper equipment choice is essential, whether your system is 4G or 5G. In this webinar, CommScope Engineering Fellow Martin Zimmerman will address issues such as:

  • Optimal antenna gain for downlink-only vs. 2-way communications
  • Options for improving network capacity
  • Types of products one can expect to find for both macro and small cell sites as well as CBRS-only vs. multiband deployments
  • Other considerations for speeding network deployment

Webinar Presenter

Martin Zimmerman Engineering Fellow CommScope

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