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  • Case Study: Time Warner Cable Arena - Arena Infrastructure Deployment Tailored To Support High Density Of Wi-fi

    The challenge in deploying wireless broadband in a high-density venue like the TWC Arena is in managing interference. A key design criteria is to always mount APs, to the extent possible, in an area where RF energy can only propagate out in the intended direction. BeamFlex adaptive antenna technology has proven to be of great value when coupled with proper site selection.
  • Case Study: Schools in city district Baden-Baden are preparing students for the digital future - German

    The city district of Baden-Baden maintains 20 public schools. Read here how a high-performance wireless local area network meets the connectivity needs of the 6.800 students and the 400 teachers and helps them to stay in touch with the digital teaching methods and each other.
  • Case Study: Guangdong International Exhibition Center - Chinese

    CommScope supports the construction of network infrastructure to accomplish the biggest exhibition in the world.
  • Case Study: Mandarin Oriental

  • Case Study: Summit Public Schools - Elevating The Classroom Experience With End-to-end Networking

    Reliable, high-performing Wi-Fi is becoming a necessity both inside and outside the classroom. Students are carrying more devices, aided by the schools themselves, which now are providing not just books and binders, but laptops and tablets. All those devices need to be well-connected for digital learning to work. But great connections aren’t enough—it’s essential to have a secure device authentication in place, too. Summit Public Schools was struggling with this very challenge. Devices constantly had to be re-authenticated to the network; this slowed down learning initiatives. The IT department needed something better.
  • Case Study: Behind the Solution: Flexible and Sustainable Networks

    With the ARRIS Access Network Evolution Planning and Modeling program, the Service Provider was able to check current infrastructure, assess network performance potential, predict financial, budgeting and subscriber growth impact and note network evolution requirements.
  • Case Study: San Francisco Unified School District - Smart Wi-Fi Transforms Learning Experience

    The San Francisco Unified School District, also functioning as the County Office of Education, is the seventh largest school district in California. Operating more than 130 schools throughout the district, SFUSD covers Pre-K through adult education as well as junenile, county and court schools with over 55,000 students and 9,000 teachers and staff.
  • Case Study: China Airshow - Chinese

    CommScope provides high-quality end-to-end indoor wireless coverage solutions for China Airshow, a world-class international air show, while designing and providing outdoor antenna devices. In the letter of appreciation to CommScope, Zhuhai Mobile highly praised CommScope's High-quality integrated solutions.
  • Case Study: The world’s longest link in a public mobile phone network

    CommScope and Aviat Networks team up to turn a dormant volcano island into an active microwave communications link for the Kingdom of Tonga.