Backhaul Solutions

Building a backhaul that can stand the test of time

Experts predict wireless data traffic will grow by roughly 50% per year into the next decade. This means, as a mobile operator, you're going to need to expand your capacity—which includes building or modernizing your backhaul.

As an end-to-end solution provider, we offer a full range of wireless and wired backhaul solutions to meet your budget and bandwidth requirements. CommScope is proud to manufacture the next generation of microwave antennas that deliver greater spectrum reuse, more resilience against interference, and the potential to lower costs. Through our team of top engineering professionals, we can also provide the expertise and experience to successfully plan, manage and deploy your wireless backhaul solution.

For times when weather, land topography, distances or bandwidth favor a wired backhaul, we also offer a full range of innovative fiber connectivity solutions that enable you to create a network infrastructure with greater flexibility and speed at lower cost. In fact, with today's intelligent deployment strategies—combined with our smaller and lighter cables—investing in a fiber backhaul can prove to yield a lower total cost of ownership (TOC) while delivering all the capacity you need for years to come.

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