Base station antenna systems

Shaping the always-on networks of tomorrow

While 5G is not here yet, moving toward achieving Gigabit speeds in LTE networks is possible today. Carrier aggregation, higher-order MIMO, and high-performance narrowbeam antennas can help move network performance down this path. The challenge is in finding the right balance that gives you results while saving space and preparing for future spectrum.

At CommScope, we hold more than 10,000 patents, with an extensive line of base station antenna systems designed to help you increase capacity, deploy with speed and efficiency, and prepare for the future. Our base station antenna systems include designs supporting 4X MIMO on both low and high bands from a single antenna, sector sculpting using multibeam or narrowbeam antennas with remote electrical tilt, antenna sharing, and ultra-wideband flexibility for future spectrum releases.

As your partner, CommScope offers reliable, innovative solutions to help you boost your network capacity, enhance coverage and prepare for the future.

5G = Exceptional Antenna Technology

Base station antennas are a critical component in radio access networks (RAN) of all generations, including 5G. View this video to learn more about antenna technology in the 5G era.

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