Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)

The proven solution for delivering in-building coverage and capacity

As our world becomes increasingly reliant on wireless voice and data service, staying connected both indoors and outdoors is paramount. Even though more wireless towers exist today than ever before, factors such as heavy usage and physical barriers like low-E glass can block or severely degrade wireless service.

To overcome such obstacles, distributed antenna systems (DAS) have become the ideal solution to meet growing mobile data capacity needs and provide five bars of continuous service. DAS systems are a network of low- and high-powered antennas distributed throughout a building or campus to improve network performance both inside and out.

Powerful, flexible, end-to-end wireless solutions like ION®-E and ION®-U support multiple operators, frequencies and technologies. They also feature plug-and-play simplicity that easily speeds and scales your toughest hardware deployments:

  • ION-E is an all-digital system that runs on economical Category 6A and fiber-optic cables. It dynamically transports capacity wherever needed via software—without remote reconfigurations or patch changes. Add new operators, bands or technologies without adding hardware. ION-E’s simplicity and IT-friendly deployment model make it ideal for enterprise buildings.
  • ION-U combines low- and high-power DAS technology to cover massive indoor spaces, sprawling outdoor spaces, or both in one compact, space-saving headend. It simplifies deployments with robust planning, commissioning, and optimization tools, simplifying the installation process. ION-U’s power range and capacity make it the preferred choice for airports, stadiums and other large venues.
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