Fiber to the Node

FTTN helps get maximum value from installed copper

Using existing copper for the last mile to the subscriber’s home can help service providers get more ROI. New copper technologies such as, also known as FTTdp (fiber to the distribution point) promise from 150 Mbps to gigabit speeds when nodes and cabinets are located 500 meters or less from the home.

Keeping the copper plant in good condition is essential when upgrading to new technologies that extend copper’s useful lifetime. Cabinets and splice closures must provide protection in a variety of environments:

  • Protect against impact, abrasion, UV light and dust
  • Handle pressurized and nonpressurized cable
  • Provide superior heat exchange in active cabinets
  • Heat-shrink and gel-seal to prevent water ingress

CommScope offers a range of street cabinets, copper splice closures, seals, and cross-connect panels to help you maintain and extend the life of your copper plant.

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Fiber to the node

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