Whole-home managed Wi-Fi

Deliver high-performance Wi-Fi throughout the home with HomeAssure™

Wi-Fi has become the fourth domestic utility. It’s the primary means for consumers to connect to internet services. Today it’s the quality of Wi-Fi that defines their perception of the broadband service.

For broadband service providers, delivering high-performance Wi-Fi that works reliably throughout the home is essential to meet growing customer expectations, and can be a differentiator for the service offering. As the volume and cost of Wi-Fi related support calls increase, the solution provided has to be easy for the consumer to install and use while being managed proactively to reduce support costs.

Challenges and opportunities

Wi-Fi that just works

Coverage with performance

Even as the number of connected devices continues to grow, consumers expect excellent coverage everywhere in their home. As broadband connections deliver gigabit speeds, they expect faster Wi-Fi throughout.

Consumers are prepared to pay for solutions to their Wi-Fi problems. This has been proven by the growth in retail sales of mesh Wi-Fi products, which account for over 40 percent of retail access point revenues in North America3.

At CommScope, we help service providers meet and exceed subscribers’ expectations, with solutions that improve Wi-Fi coverage and performance. We make these solutions simple for consumers to self-install and use, which is essential to reduce the high volume of Wi-Fi related calls to service provider support channels.

Our solutions make it possible for service providers to deliver premium services like UHD sports, IoT and VR over Wi-Fi. We provide the consistency needed to deliver service promises that increase customer satisfaction.

Wi-Fi facts

  • Sixty-seven percent of consumers would give up something for perfect Wi-Fi1
  • Fifty-two percent of consumers would be put off living in, or buying, a house with lots of Wi-Fi dead spots4
  • The top consumer Wi-Fi priorities are performance, coverage, security1
  • Over 30 percent of total calls to the help desk are Wi-Fi related2

1 - Source: ARRIS Connectivity & Entertainment Index Survey 2018
2 - Source: Major NA Telco
3 - Source: Wi-Fi Alliance, January 2018
4 - Source: BT Modern Families report, November 2018

Issue Solution
Coverage throughout the home
  • Gateways with high-quality Wi-Fi access points (AP) to address most consumer needs.
  • Increase coverage in the home with additional self-install APs (Wi-Fi extenders) that mesh to create a single network.
High performance Wi-Fi
  • Autonomous, self-organising and self-optimizing Wi-Fi network.
  • HomeAssure Control software, located in the gateway or extender, provides low-latency steering with optional cloud-based analytics for service improvement.
Easy to use
  • Consumer self-install with automated on-boarding and configuration of Wi-Fi extenders.
  • Installation and operation assistance from the HomeAssure Consumer app or web portal.
  • The HomeAssure app makes it easy for consumers to manage their home network and troubleshoot common problems.
Visibility, control and lower support costs
  • Cloud-based dashboards, toolsets and analytics to support the operations team in managing deployment and proactively solving issues.
  • Optimise performance and coverage for improved customer satisfaction.
  • Reduced calls to the help-desk by providing Wi-Fi that works and is easy to use.
  • Eliminate truck rolls with consumer self-install
  • Applied analytics for service improvement
  • Tools that reduce the length of help-desk calls


The CommScope advantage

CommScope HomeAssure is designed for service providers with best-in-class hardware and software. Our approach is to focus on the end consumer’s experience—addressing the most common issues driving dissatisfaction and service provider support costs. 

Service providers can leverage our Wi-Fi expertise to accelerate time to market and reduce risk and OpEx costs by using our Professional Services, including consultancy, systems integration, customization, testing, support and maintenance.


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