Metro cell connectivity solutions

Minimize RF losses in urban environments

With more than half of today’s population living in urban locations, meeting their increasing demands for bandwidth and speed is anything but straightforward.

Whether it’s towering buildings focused in central locations or a landscape dotted with dispersed people and buildings, each location brings with it unique challenges with an underlying goal of boosting network capacity and service coverage.

While small cell architecture is the ideal approach to increase capacity where spectrum is expensive and limited, it is more susceptible to RF losses and passive intermodulation (PIM), potentially undercutting the very benefits it is designed to promote. We can help.

CommScope Metro Cell Connectivity Solutions include a portfolio of miniaturized RF components, which facilitate small cell connections while minimizing loss, making them ideal in tight, urban spaces.


  1. Smaller diameter cables are highly bendable and deliver the performance of a 1/2” diameter jumper
  2. Smaller size connector options, including 4.3-10, Nex10, and an open standard 2.2-5 design 
  3. Fiber drop cable provides plug-and-play FTTA connectivity from the RRU to the wireline network

All solutions are completely customizable, offering compatible connectors that meet your specific small cell needs. And their minimal weight and small footprint allow for quick and easy deployments.

The result? Increased network capacity and optimal performance in every environment.

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