Microwave Backhaul Solutions

Innovative designs that optimize efficiency, dependability and total cost of ownership

CommScope’s broad portfolio of microwave antenna solutions covers all industry applications and made us one of the most trusted partners worldwide for microwave infrastructure. Our high-performance antennas are backed by the HELIAX® portfolio that includes elliptical waveguide, flexible-twistable waveguide and their associated pressurization equipment. Together, these solutions provide consistent, high-quality signal transmission in any environment.

Sentinel® antennas offer leading-edge performance, maximizing interference protection and enhancing spectrum reuse. Likewise, our top-quality, high-performance ValuLine® antennas empower networks to perform their best all over the world. All solutions are performance-tested and built to offer your network the advantages it needs, including:

  • Improved spectrum efficiency
  • Enhanced protection from link interference
  • Reduced tower weight and wind loading
  • Reduced operational and maintenance costs
  • Survivability and optimal link availability in the harshest environments

CommScope’s reputation for innovation and excellence is your assurance that we can deliver the microwave antenna to suit your application. For long or short links, in mild or extreme environments, no matter what your pattern needs, CommScope has the optimal solution to unleash the potential of your network.

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