Onboard Repeater Solutions

Here, there and virtually anywhere—get the coverage and capacity you need

While bullet trains don't travel quite at the speed of sound, they do whoosh by fast enough to give most wireless users fits. By the time a passenger has obtained a few bars of service, another tunnel or building comes around the bend—killing the signal.

Node AM digital repeaters provide solid onboard mobile coverage for high-speed, in-train signal exchanges. They're engineered specifically to keep passengers, railway employees, automated safety systems and first responders connected to the outside world. These fiber-optic distributed antenna systems (DAS) support multiple bands and operators and deliver lightning-fast handoff between trains and stations.

Our onboard repeater solutions also include a complete suite of fiber and copper systems. These quality solutions can help you create the most reliable, durable wireline solutions, which can withstand even the harshest environments.

Whether you're under a mountain, on the ocean, or just cruising downtown, trust CommScope onboard repeater solutions to provide continuous wireless coverage that keeps you and your passengers connected.


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