RF transmission systems

Reduce passive intermodulation and unlock your network potential

As wireless networks continue to evolve and more antennas and equipment are added to your tower, the possibility of signal interference that can limit or disrupt data and voice quality also grows. Whether it's attenuation or RF leakage caused by poorly constructed cables—or passive intermodulation (PIM) caused by tower stress or faulty installation—even the most modern antennas and radios can't deliver superior performance when your RF transmission systems aren't up to par.

That's why we're serious about every RF path building block we make. From cables and low-PIM jumpers to connectors ranging from standard size to 4.3-10 and smaller—as well as adapters and accessories—we engineer and test our RF transmission system products to ensure they're easy to deploy yet still deliver superior mechanical reliability. Our transmission cable assemblies also go through rigorous testing to guarantee they will perform in the field. For example, our SureFlex® D-CLASS™ cable assemblies are individually tested in the lab as well as in dynamic, real-world conditions such as tower vibrations and adverse weather conditions so you can be sure they'll perform as advertised.

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