Automate Small Cell Network Provisioning

Quickly and easily coordinate the small cells in your network

As a vital part of a mobile operator’s radio access network (RAN) infrastructure, small cells need to coordinate with each other and with the macro network. however, unlike macro base stations, they are often deployed in high volume by users who may have no radio frequency (RF) expertise. 

That’s why small cell networks require automated tools for provisioning, radio frequency optimization and ongoing operation and support. CommScope’s Device Management System (DMS)  is a platform that provisions and manages OneCell deployments ranging from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of access points. 

  • Assured plug-and-play provisioning: Automatically configures over 100 key network and radio frequency parameters for connected access points
  • Optimized subscriber experience: Self-organizing network (SON) algorithms optimize small cell RF characteristics, improving performance by up to 90 percent.
  • Simplified network operations: Tools for provisioning, small-cell-to-macro coordination and device software upgrades reduce operational complexity.
  • Powerful customer support tools: Visually intuitive dashboards allow support personnel to quickly identify and resolve customer issues.
  • Open, standards-based architecture: Based on the popular TR-069 device management protocol. Standards-based interfaces support integration with existing operational support systems (OSS) and network management systems.
  • Scalable: A single system can expand to manage millions of devices.


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