CERT 405 Certification Exam DOCSIS Principles


ARRIS Training presents CERT405: DOCSIS Principles Certification Exam. This program has been updated to provide cable professionals the opportunity to earn an ARRIS-approved Certification and demonstrate their expertise on DOCSIS releases 3.0 and 3.1.

CERT 405 Benefits

For Cable Professionals:

Gain recognition for your DOCSIS understanding
Leverage your protocol knowledge and advance your career

For Cable Operators:

Maximize the latest DOCSIS 3.1 feature enhancements
Lower operational costs by optimizing network operation
Reduce the time it takes to resolve technical issues


To receive certification, a candidate must complete the CERT405: DOCSIS Principles Exam successfully. The exam passing score is 80% correct. The maximum time to complete the exam is two hours. Certification candidates are not required to pass any prior exams to be eligible for DOCSIS Principles Certification.

Convenient Online Proctoring

For candidate convenience, ARRIS has partnered with the online proctoring service ProctorU. ProctorU offers candidates the opportunity to schedule exam times and take exams from any comfortable location with a reliable internet connection.

At the scheduled time on exam day, ProctorU will confirm your identity, grant access to the exam on ARRIS Academy, and monitor you via the camera on your PC while taking the exam.

Please note that there is a $25 test taking fee, charged by ProctorU.
Recommended Courses

The DOCSIS Principles Certification includes content covered in the following ARRIS training courses. Candidates are highly encouraged but not required to complete these courses before enrolling in the certification exam.

  • TEC 202: DOCSIS Basics
  • TEC301: DOCSIS Essentials
  • TEC 302: Understanding DOCSIS 3.1

For candidates seeking training to prepare for exams, total cost varies based on the training courses chosen. Refer to the ARRIS Global Knowledge Services Training course catalog to obtain enrollment fees and more information for DOCSIS training courses.


The enrollment fee for this exam is $200.00. That fee includes two attempts to pass the exam.

All course, exam, and proctoring fees can be paid online via a major credit card.

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