Training Delivery Team

Andrew Dahl

Andrew Dahl is an ARRIS training manager with over 30 years of engineering experience in the cable and radio industry. His background in audio/video engineering and TCP/IP network design made him an invaluable engineering asset at Adlink, the country's largest cable interconnect company. He now applies his expertise in technical training at ARRIS, the world’s largest manufacturer of ad insertion equipment. His easy-going manner and his skill at conveying and simplifying complex technical concepts make him a favorite speaker among ARRIS clients. Andrew is considered an expert in the topic of AC3 dialog normalization in an MPEG transport stream splicing environment.

John MacDonald

John MacDonald is an ARRIS training manager and 36-year veteran in the computing and networking arenas and has experience in a wide variety of disciplines. His firsthand knowledge of lab management, code design and development, performance analysis, capacity management, troubleshooting, and support augment his strong and effective communication skills. This broad spectrum of work experience allows John to relate to his varying audiences and to explain a range of technical concepts in a variety of ways that foster an enjoyable and engaged learning experience. When not working, John is an avid reader and radio enthusiast who holds an Amateur Radio Operator license.

Mark Fischer

Mark Fischer is a technical training professional with over 25 years of experience providing training in network technologies and products. He has worked for a number of leading-edge technology companies, including Lucent and Bigband Networks, in operations roles and developing and delivering quality training. Mark specializes in hands-on, instructor-led and web-based voice, data, and video networking training for customers and partners. He holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering and an MBA with a concentration in Finance.

Tom Gibson

Tom Gibson is a seasoned technical training professional with over 20 years of experience in delivering and developing world-class technical training. Tom served as an Electronic Warfare Specialist in the United States Navy, where he instructed new recruits coming from boot camp. An ARRIS Certified DOCSIS CMTS operator, Tom is an expert in networking, as well as in DOCSIS and PacketCable technologies. For the past 16 years, he has used his expertise at ARRIS to train engineers all over the world. Tom also serves on his local county board of education, where he helps ensure that a quality public education is available for the children in his area. Tom loves the outdoors, hunting and fishing, and working on anything mechanical.

Ted Lowery

Ted is a technical instructor and instructional designer with 15 years of professional experience. He has worked with technology leaders such as IBM, Hitachi, Sun Microsystems, Motorola, and ARRIS. Ted has developed and delivered cutting-edge curricula for a wide range of delivery platforms, including classroom training, video courses, self-paced web-based training, and instructor-led online training. A pioneer in the technical training industry, Ted began delivering effective online technical training in the mid-90s. He now provides cost efficient, knowledge-based solutions to clients worldwide, offering learners a flexible approach to acquiring the skills needed to succeed.

Paul Lukowski

Paul Lukowski is an ARRIS Certified DOCSIS CMTS operator and has over 30 years of experience as a telecommunications professional. He started his career in the United States Air Force as a telecommunications specialist supporting data and voice networks. Paul entered the private sector as a systems engineer supporting IP protocols, routers, switches, and LANs for various private organizations. His extensive background in technical training includes the development of both web-based and instructor-led training. Paul has over 15 years of experience with ARRIS Group as a technical instructor. He has demonstrated proficiency and expertise in various technical disciplines, having taught classes in DOCSIS, IP, frame relay, video, passive optical networks (PON), video encryption, and switch digital video.

John Martin

With 46 years of experience in the broadband industry, John Martin brings expertise in both system design and applications training. He began his career at Jerrold Electronics (later General Instrument), working his way from draftsman to manager of the System Design department. Today, as an application engineer and content developer/technical instructor for ARRIS, John is lead content developer on the CAS product line. He is also instrumental in the ARRIS Train-the-Trainer program, contributing knowledge of specific products such as DAC6000, CASMR, ADVISOR, and set-tops. He is a long-standing member of the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE). He has participated on the Operations Committee of the SCTE and served as a sub-committee member of the International CableTec games.

Jim Nagle

Jim Nagle is a professional instructor with 20-plus years of experience in the telecommunications industry. His training experience includes the cable and telco industries and covers both hardware and software products. At ARRIS he designs and delivers training for the Assurance product suite to MSOs globally, both on-site and remotely. His educational background includes a BS and an MBA, and he holds a Project Management certificate. He has earned Certified Master Technician status and has served as a proctor for NCTI, the preeminent training organization for broadband cable technicians and customer service representatives. He is also a member of SCTE.

Patricia O'Hara

After earning one BA in social work and a second in Spanish, Pat spent the early part of her career working for community-based organizations that focused on helping people seek employment. When the funding for that work ended, she interviewed for a technical trainer position. The engineers loved her presentation and hired her. Pat enjoys learning new things and making very technical material easy to understand. In the classroom, she strives to make the training experience both informative and enjoyable. With 20-plus years at ARRIS, Pat epitomizes the ARRIS core values of putting the customer first, innovating, seeking results, and encouraging teamwork.

Tom Wang

Tom Wang is a Professional Instructor currently based at ARRIS corporate headquarters in Suwanee, Georgia. He has a BS degree in electrical engineering technology and has worked at ARRIS for the last 18 years. His first 13 years, he worked as a staff technical support engineer for ARRIS Cornerstone voice and Touchstone CPE products; for the past 5 years, he has provided training for the ARRIS C4 CMTS and E6000 CER products. He is an ARRIS Certified DOCSIS CMTS Operator and is currently working on the new DOCSIS 3.1 and Converged Cable Access Platform (CCAP) technologies.

See What People Are Saying About ARRIS Training

"Andrew and John did a great job the entire week presenting the classes."
Joey - Ritter Communications

"The course was exactly what I needed and the instructor knew exactly what he was teaching."
Resa - Innovative Telephone

“I found the class very informative. The coarse will definitely help me with the install and configuration of our new ME7000. I found Pat to be an excellent instructor who kept the class light and easy to follow.”
- Jim Webb

"Tom did a great job delivering this course, he kept us all engaged at all times and ensured we knew the product and CLI really well by the end, thanks, Tom"
Steven - NBN

"Excellent Class"
Hector - Comcast

"The course delivery was excellently executed by the trainer, he had a very good understanding of not just the product and technology he was training us with but also the industry and MSOs which helped him give very valuable advises on real-world scenarios."
Jorge - Sr. Systems Engineer

“Paul was an excellent instructor and extremely knowledgeable.”
Brandt - Network Engineer
eLearning Module – E6D101 – E6000 CER Hardware Overview

"I liked all of the hardware graphics that went along with the course. I also really liked the breakdown of the CLI commands when learning about the UPICs and the DPICs."
Anonymous - Software Engineer

Alejandro Echeverria – E6D203 - E6000 CER Operaciones
"Not only [does Alejandro have an] excellent relationship with the material and concepts of the course, he maintains a personal relationship which makes the course flow excellently" (Spanish Translated)
Jose, Ingeniero Senior – Izzi Telecom

Tom Wang – E6D203 – E6000 CER Operations
"Very good presentation skills by Tom. Personalised content for Telstra specific HFC plant and related back to Telstra config. Adequately followed up questions by students.
Kancelot, Technology Specialist - Telstra

Tom Wang – E6D203 – E6000 CER Operations
"Tom's presentation and knowledge complimented the training materials to assist with learning."
Nathan Purcell, Technology Specialist – Networks - Telstra

Tom Gibson – E6D203 – E6000 CER Operations
"Tom did a great job of delivering this material and this was the best VILT course that I have ever attended."
Stephen, Technology Manager - Telstra

Pat O’Hara – ME201 – Cox
“I learned a lot about the ME-7000. I especially liked receiving copies of the Training Modules so I can refer to them later, and the Labs were very effective and comprehensive. Also, Pat did a great job!”
- William Washington

“I think the class was very well outlined and documented. Pat was clear, knowledgeable and always open to questions. The only improvement I would suggest is to display a live unit along with the power point or switch back and forth to demonstrate the items we need to cover in the lab. Sometimes the power point did not show the drop-down selections, etc. Maybe this is just me, but I learn more from looking at the actual device as things are explained. Over all I was very satisfied with the course and instructor and will look forward to taking more classes I may need to help me in my work. Thanks, Tim Lange”
- Tim Lange

Mark Fischer – SDV204 – Cox
“Excellent Class”
- Antonio Maurice Wanzer

Ted Lowery – BNC3.8 Mux Ops – ESPN
“Class went smooth. Questions were asked and answered. Lot of material there to try to ingest though... as usual, was left thinking that we were just scratching the surface of what these devices are capable of. Good overview though; and instilled a general understanding of what the system/devices are, what they do, and basic knowledge on how to configure them. A couple days of hands-on lab would be nice to reinforce and cement the knowledge for that 6-months down the road when we actually need to apply it.”
- Michael Allen

NBN Training Classes in August 2018
Paul Lukowski – NXT301 – NBN
“Thank you Paul Lukowski for the excellent training!”
- Udara Fonseka

Zoltan Kohel– E6D201 – Telco / Eltrona – Amsterdam
“…Everything is perfect. Instructor has good knowledge about the subject and I was feel free to ask my all questions. Thank You.. . .”
-Alper – Telco / Eltrona

Paul Lukowski – TEC202 – Charter - Denver
“…Great class Paul was a great instructor inviting questions and class participation. Very knowledgeable and easily could explain complex concepts to all the participants in the class. …”
-Mark Gueller – Charter

Ramiro Vinueza – DAC402 – TIGO - Guatemala
“…The course is very complete and the trainer was very easy to understand. My only recommendation for future training session it may be to have more "hands on" on the real chassis to understand better the installation of the cards, cables and the rest of the physical parts. The rest was just great.,...”
-Oscar Queme’ – TIGO Guatemala

Ted Lowery – MOD301 – AMC Networks
“…Ted did a great job introducing us to a new system being that elements of which are still being developed. He was thorough and gave us an opportunity to take a bit of a hands on approach which always works best. Went over examples of various situations which could be troublesome in the future which is always very helpful,...”
-Garrett Nuttall – AMC Networks