• Future of Free Cooling Webinar

    The Future of Free Cooling Webinar screenshotListen to the free-cooling expert Mathias Hery and learn: 


    • The challenges involved in current cooling options
    • How the Monitor free cooling platform from CommScope can help by improving cooling efficiency, slashing energy costs and emissions, and eliminating maintenance hassles
    • How the new solar-powered Monitor platform brings free cooling into the future with ZERO emissions and energy costs


  • About the Speaker

    Mathias Hery

    Mathias Hery is a business development manager for the CommScope Alifabs team and an HVAC specialist in the information and communications industry. An expert in data analytics, Mathias has experience in managing the deployment of free-cooling systems across Europe for telecoms clients. Mathias was an early evangelist for the benefits of free-cooling technology and energy efficiency for both businesses and the environment.