More Power to You, PoE, You Light up our Lives

The pressure’s on to cut costs and improve efficiency in your buildings. More facilities managers are deploying low-voltage LED lighting using PoE technology. The potential for increased workplace efficiency is significant…depending on how well you plan your infrastructure. Things to consider:

  • Timing. The time to transition to PoE lighting is during a big renovation or new build.
  • Team. It should be cross functional, including facility management, IT and customer/user stakeholders.
  • Technology. Plan for four-pair PoE, you’ll need its higher wattage capacity eventually.

Get all the info you need to succeed! This webinar features experts from CommScope and Philips Lighting. Get the valuable insights, information and strategies you need to make PoE lighting a key part of your automated intelligence initiative.


Webinar presenters:

More power to you PoE webinar


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Rahul Shira of Phillips Lighting


Rahul Shira
Phillips Lighting
Product Marketing Manager Controls, Software & IoT




Masood A. Shariff
Engineer Senior Principal Systems Engineering R&D


Dave Tanis


David Tanis
Director of Strategic and Solutions Marketing