• Digital Transformation - Staying Connected in a Changing World

    Digital Transformation WebinarCloud video, mobility—the explosive growth of digital communications continues to transform how we connect with each other, putting unprecedented demands on your network infrastructure. Capacity, performance and cost challenges demand innovative strategies to help your network stay ahead of the digital curve.

    Join Dave Hughes to explore the latest connectivity trends, their implications for your network, and the CommScope solutions that can help you keep pace.

  • About the Speaker

    David Hughes

    David is based in the Dubai, UAE office and is the Director, Field Application Engineering for the Middle East & Africa, for CommScope Enterprise and Service Provider Solutions.  

    Joining the CommScope team in 2013, David is an influential and experienced leader with more than 30 years broad based experience. In his position, David heads a team of highly experienced technical managers across the Middle East and Africa. He is responsible for pre and post sales support, including design, consultancy, training and certification. David carries considerable knowledge to his role, based on his vast experience of Data Center Design and Optimisation, Smart Buildings/Cities, and Electrical Low Voltage (ELV) Systems.  

    Prior to holding this position, David has held many senior management roles, including design, project management and professional services. He has been in the Middle East region for over 12 years and has played a role in many major projects EMEA wide.

    David is a regular contributor to industry publications and a seasoned speaker at many industry events and seminars.