DOCSIS cable solutions

Real-world innovation for the connected home

As service providers continue to optimize the DOCSIS 3.1 cable network, evolve towards 10G with DOCIS 4.0 or PON, and enhance the cable network, the home network has become central to defining the consumer experience.

Service Providers today face challenges when delivering on the growing demands of subscribers — and not solely related to bandwidth. The needs of the new service- and application-focused landscape requires better connectivity to manage work, education, healthcare, entertainment, and IoT traffic by addressing low-latency, reliability, security, management, and Wi-Fi performance — all the critical aspects that define the connected home experience.

CommScope broad portfolio of high-quality cable CPE includes DOCSIS 3.0/3.1 gateways, voice gateways, modems and voice-modems /eMTAs offering a choice of mid-split and Wi-Fi configurations, with development of DOCSIS 4 (FDX and ESD) and DOCSIS3.1e devices in progress.


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Solutions for every service tier 

At CommScope, we know that the realities of broadband service delivery aren’t compatible with a “one-size-fits-all” gateway solution. A broad portfolio of one-box and two-box solutions that include modems/eMTAs with ethernet gateways/routers, integrated gateways, and Wi-Fi extenders that enables service providers to meet the needs of any market.


Multi-gigabit broadband

CommScope’s gateways and modems deliver the full multi-gigabit potential of DOCSIS, with a choice of low, mid, and high-split devices. Combining this with high-performance features such as 2.5GigE LAN ports, MoCA 2.0, and an extensive choice of Wi-Fi options, including Wi-Fi 6 and soon-to-be Wi-Fi 7, enables the subscriber to make use of that capacity. 


Designing for DOCSIS 4.0

CommScope is developing a portfolio of DOCSIS 4.0 gateways and modems to address both Full Duplex and Extended Spectrum DOCSIS. Our solutions will include support DOCSIS 3.1E: when deployed on DOCSIS 3.1 networks our CPE will support more OFDMA blocks than available on today’s DOCSIS 3.1 CPE, enabling service providers to offer higher bandwidth tiers with the ability to upgrade customers to full D4.0 when the access network is upgraded — without having to swap out the modem/gateway.


Enhanced performance with Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 7

Our DOCSIS gateways deliver high-performance, low-latency broadband services to the end device. With integrated Wi-Fi 6 (and Wi-Fi 7 on the horizon), customers can enjoy a superior Wi-Fi connection throughout the home — ensuring optimized performance for all of their connected devices. Wi-Fi 6 extenders with Wi-Fi EasyMesh™ expand coverage and improve performance in larger homes.


Powered by open-source firmware stacks

Our HomeVantage™ DOCSIS solutions use open-source software, such as RDK, with carrier-grade enhancements to harness the innovation of industry-wide communities and ecosystems.  Support for containerized applications enables the efficient delivery of value-added services and applications.

Cloud device management, including containerized application orchestration, Wi-Fi management, and more, is supported by CommScope Home Networks’ HomeAssure®, and other service delivery platforms including Plume/OpenSync™

Why Home Networks?

CommScope is a global leader in cable broadband CPE with over 70 years of experience with customers worldwide. We are trusted by service providers of all sizes to deliver quality products, when and where they are needed, with a focus on reducing total cost of ownership.

Known for innovation, we offer ready-for-market products and bespoke designs for tier-1 operators, backed by our comprehensive portfolio of life-cycle services from consultancy to support and maintenance.

We deliver unique end-to-end DOCSIS network expertise with solutions that encompass CMTS, video headend, DAA, outside plant, DOCSIS CPE, and management platforms.