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5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) is a practical, economic solution for delivering competitive fixed broadband services to homes and businesses using the mobile network. 

Wireless has successfully delivered Internet services to mainly rural areas for many years, but required external, technician-installed customer premises equipment (CPE) with line-of-sight to the cell-site. This made provisioning a new customer complex, expensive, and time-consuming. Today’s non-line-of-sight FWA indoor gateways are designed for simple consumer purchase, installation, and operation – as easy as buying a mobile phone.

Leverage the FWA opportunity now with CommScope Home Networks’ high-performance, indoor FWA gateways to unlock new revenue streams and deliver value-added services to more homes and businesses – accelerating the ROI of your 5G network.

Benefit highlights
Fast, flexible, and lower-cost installation

CommScope’s indoor FWA gateways deliver robust voice, video, data, and IoT services. With faster-than-ever self-installation and setup, and lower customer acquisition and connection costs, our FWA gateways help operators introduce competitive broadband services quickly to underserved markets, such as urban and suburban areas on legacy copper networks.

Utilize 5G FWA today to deliver fiber-like broadband speeds and performance consumers will love.


Enhanced Wi-Fi performance throughout the home

Our 5G FWA gateways deliver high-performance, low-latency broadband services to the end device. With integrated Wi-Fi 6 (W-Fi 7 is on the horizon), and supporting HomeAssure® and other Wi-Fi management platforms, customers can enjoy a superior Wi-Fi connection throughout the home – ensuring optimized, low-latency performance for all their connected devices. Wi-Fi 6 extenders with Wi-Fi EasyMesh™ expand coverage and improve performance in larger homes.


A platform for enhanced services

Our HomeVantage FWA solutions use open-source software to allow service providers to harness the innovation of industry-wide communities and ecosystems to efficiently deliver value-added services and applications and improve the customer experience.

CommScope Home Networks’ HomeAssure enables the delivery of advanced services with high levels of proactive customer support, enhancing customer satisfaction and reducing costs – providing all the tools necessary to provision, manage, optimize, and support the home network, including Wi-Fi.


Enhancing the fixed-line network

FWA can be an attractive means to quickly and cost-effectively extend reach beyond the fixed network and accelerate the acquisition of new subscribers ahead of last-mile fiber deployment. Lower cost and rapid deployment of FWA can complement a fiber strategy, particularly when faced with competitive pressure to deploy broadband service quickly.

By pairing CommScope’s FWA home gateways with ONT/ONU/modems, subscribers can be quickly connected while fiber is installed to the premises, reducing the risk of churn. They also provide a back-up for enhanced levels of availability; automatically switching to the mobile network should the fixed network fail.

Why Home Networks?

Experts in Home Networking

Experts in home networking

CommScope Home Networks has shipped over 300 million broadband home devices. This deep experience, along with a focus on quality and low-TCO, a resilient supply chain, and proven support makes us a worldwide leader in home networking solutions.

Dedicated to Sustainability

Dedicated to sustainability

CommScope is dedicated to science-based sustainability across its businesses. Addressing the whole product lifecycle, from product design and manufacturing to packaging, distribution, and end-of-life recycling, we partner with our customers to help them meet their corporate sustainability goals. Learn more.


Leading the adoption of global gateway standards

CommScope has a strong participation in industry bodies that are key to the introduction of new standards including the Broadband Forum, the IEEE, RDK, prpl, and the Wi-Fi Alliance.

Experts in 5G Networks

Experts in 5G networks

CommScope has decades of practical experience in supplying and deploying the infrastructure for mobile networks. Today we offer a range of integrated 5G Radio Access Network (RAN) solutions including macro cell products and small cell solutions for fast, cost-effective network densification; and the required fiber backhaul. Learn more.

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"It’s our scale, proven capability, and culture of collaboration that makes us an ideal partner for service providers looking to deliver the next generation of services that will enrich consumers’ digital lives. By broadening our portfolio to support open-source, our HomeVantage solutions enable service providers to consistently deliver new, developing consumer services to the home – no matter what the access technology may be.”

- Ken Haase, Global VP of Product Management, CommScope Home Networks

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