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Optimizing service delivery to enhance the customer experience

The proliferation of connected devices in the home and the increasing complexity of the home network — combined with a growing dependence on reliable, high-performance connectivity for hybrid working, home health care, etc. — has created unprecedented demands on the Service Provider. Effective, proactive management and optimization of the home network is essential to enhancing customer satisfaction and reducing operational costs.

The need for fast, reliable home Internet connectivity delivered in a frictionless manner is driving changes in service portfolios, networking solutions, and in-home technology delivery. Service providers must differentiate their service offerings and create additional customer value to combat competition from both traditional and non-traditional players.

New services, enhancements to existing services, and fixes and patches must be deployed modularly and with velocity to meet and exceed increasing customer demands. Continuous improvement of customer quality of experience (QoE), operational efficiency, and accelerated time-to-market for new premium services and in-home experiences is key to success.

HomeAssure is a cloud-oriented software platform designed to deliver visibility and management of the home network, and to deliver consumer-focused service offerings. 

Benefit highlights

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Elevated consumer experience

Consumer insights and data are fully available for providers to leverage and are readily integrated with back-office systems and business intelligence tools to improve customer engagement.​

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Optimized service delivery and outcomes

With CommScope’s HomeAssure service management products, you can optimize the delivery and management of your connected home services and applications, increase customer satisfaction, improve service performance, and reduce support costs with remote configuration, management, and proactive monitoring and analytics.

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Easier, lower cost deployment

HomeAssure solutions are designed to minimize upfront investments​.  The HomeAssure cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform is quick to implement and scale to meet the needs of even the largest service providers. 

Capabilities and features
Management with vision

With the ability to get detailed telemetry from home devices using the latest standards, service providers can enhance their abilities to manage quality and simplify home digital experiences. HomeAssure is designed to leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to provide relevant and actionable customer insights. Supporting a hybrid analytics structure, artfully divided between the cloud and the local CPE, HomeAssure takes full advantage of the increasing processing capabilities of today’s edge devices to reduce latency and total compute cost.


Turn-key consumer services

In addition to a full suite of device lifecycle management (LCM) functions, HomeAssure also provides a full suite of readily deployable consumer services. The HomeAssure portfolio includes all the necessary back-office functions for offering revenue-generating applications to your customers. These turn-key services can be delivered to the entire subscriber population, deployed only to specific service tiers, or offered individually. For the consumer, HomeAssure applications can be experienced using an off-the-shelf, co-branded mobile app or can be directly integrated into the service provider’s existing mobile or web experience.  

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Service-aware design

Service-aware connectivity and intelligent service management are critical elements to the HomeAssure solution and are fully integrated with the platform. To optimize Wi-Fi and provide frictionless integration of services into the home, it has become important to not only understand the device type (phone, gaming system, video streamer, etc.) but also which services a device is using in real-time (video conferencing, streaming video, gaming, etc.). This allows HomeAssure core functions and applications to perform intelligently and synchronously with the needs of the end consumer — ensuring the highest QoE.

Container-based software and services management

Modular software support using containers is an emergent trend of today’s open-source broadband CPE software (prplOS, OpenWRT and RDK-B). HomeAssure offers the ability to easily add and remove services to the gateway, increasing the cadence of software service solutions to the home.

Why Home Networks?


Leveraging two decades of experience working with a wide array of service providers globally and with over 80m CPE devices being managed, CommScope has extensive knowledge of service providers’ operations and data.  CommScope has developed a robust lineup of software solutions that enable end-to-end management of the critical factors that can impact subscriber experiences and degrade operational efficiency.

With CommScope’s HomeAssure software solutions, service providers can collect, aggregate, and analyze a wealth of data from the back office, field service, network, and customer premises to easily find, diagnose, and prevent troublesome and costly performance issues. The result is happy customers and a more efficient operation from the call center to the field.

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