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DOMAIN-MANAGER | Domain Manager

  • Available in:
  • Asia
  • Australia/New Zealand
  • EMEA
  • Latin America
  • North America

A powerful platform for managing network elements in today’s distributed network architectures (e.g. DAA, PON) - with onboarding, policy, license & firmware management, and telemetry.

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Features and Benefits
CommScope is leveraging its long recognized access networks expertise to solve the next set of challenges facing operators as they transform their networks toward distributed architectures. Recognizing the need across all network domains to maximize efficiency, reduce operational costs, and deliver superior service to their subscribers, CommScope is investing heavily in cloud-native solutions to provide the highest levels of network control and visibility.

The Domain Manager, a cloud-ready platform, manages network elements in DAA and PON deployments. It is a central management hub from which to manage network inventory, configuration, & events – and drive action using workflows to perform onboarding, firmware, and configuration campaigns, manage licenses and capacity and enforce policies.

The core services and domain-specific capabilities are vendor agnostic; so, while optimized to work with CommScope’s DAA and PON hardware, operators have the flexibility to also deploy any vendor’s hardware and have it managed from the same system.

The Domain Manager offers a powerful user interface for direct interaction but supports programmatic control via APIs for integration into automated workflows from a higher-level provisioning system.
  • Onboarding - Using low/no-touch methods to control the activation process for network elements, IP address assignment, mapped data & video channels, inventory, and configuration are coordinated in a predictable way
  • License Management - Provides a centralized and intuitive system for managing purchased licenses (functional & capacity-based) across domains
  • Firmware Management - Enables advanced firmware management campaigns for up/downgrades, image downloads, and activation – for individual or groups of devices, on demand or on a schedule
  • Inventory & Network Topology - Provides geographic and logical views of all managed devices, their configuration, relationships, and state. As the authoritative source-of-truth, Domain Manager shares its inventory via open APIs allowing integration by 3rd party back-office tools, saving redundant network discovery, scanning, and interrogation
  • Configuration & Policy Management - Ensures device and performance consistency is enforced – through use of configuration templates, open APIs, bulk updates, and back-office integration, which allows operators to ensure consistency at scale
  • Logging & SysLog Collection - Aggregates logs from managed devices (and the Domain Manager platform itself) to provide device performance insights. Reports provide intuitive viewing, and event forwarding services are available
  • Alarm Manager & Dashboard - Aggregates & correlates alarms from all managed devices, correlating multiple events into new alarms for increased value & prioritization. Alarm dashboards provide an intuitive view into the state of the network and drilldown capabilities for fast troubleshooting and problem isolation
  • Helps accelerate operator network transformation and improve predictability by enabling them to move from manual, command-line driven methods toward automated, predictable, & repeatable processes, and providing tools to migrate configurations from I-CCAP to DAA
  • Reduces OPEX and simplifies rollouts through low/no-touch deployments – enabling operators to leverage less experienced field techs and minimize their need for real-time communication with back-office during deployments
  • Reduces service interruptions and maintenance costs by utilizing automation to minimize downtime related to human error and inconsistent configurations
  • Supports business continuity by systematizing methods and processes, capturing the expertise in the system rather than maintaining it in the heads of individual team members
  • Simplifies operations with a common centralized view of the network across access networks (e.g. HFC, PON) and hardware from different vendors

Product Classification

Regional Availability Asia | Australia/New Zealand | EMEA | Latin America | North America
Product Type Virtualized system

Product Classification

Regional Availability Asia | Australia/New Zealand | EMEA | Latin America | North America
Product Type Virtualized system