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Proactive Network Management to deliver a superior customer experience

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Features and Benefits
ARRIS Access Network Management products provide end-to-end visibility across the entire service delivery environment, helping you act quickly on virtually any issues that threaten the Customer Experience and prevent problems before impact the subscriber.

How it works:
ARRIS Access Network Management solutions combine powerful software with our deep expertise in broadband, video and video service delivery to help service providers unleash the power of data to prevent and solve performance issues. First, we collect key performance information about your network, field service and subscribers, centralizing it and making it available to the organizations and applications that rely on it. We then provide an artificial intelligence platform for deep analytics, helping you unlock key insights about your DOCSIS® network conditions and service quality, which can help guide sound decisions and prudent investments.

The ARRIS Access Network Management product portfolio includes the following:
ServAssure®NXT - Alarm Central – automated identification and prioritization of existing and potential service impairments
ServAssure®NXT - Analyze – Insightful Network Performance Management

ServAssure NXT - Alarm Central automates the identification and prioritization of existing and potential service impairments by monitoring of the cable network elements. The cause of the impairment is presented in full detail including geographic location, resulting in significant improvement to the customer experience. Through advanced correlation and analytics, Alarm Central allows operators to focus on what is most important by creating an environment where impairments are discovered and resolved proactively. Proactive Network Management means Subscribers are less aware of service issues.

Detect service degradations proactively
Locate likely sources of service issues
Correlate related events to common cause, to reduce wasted time/ effort
Visualize service state geographically
View network at a historical point in time
Troubleshoot issues by utilizing reporting, graphing, and mapping tools
Monitors DOCSIS 1.x, 2.x, 3.0 and 3.1 devices in ICCAP and Distributed Architecture environments

ServAssure NXT - Alarm Central application provides a systematic and repeatable way for plant maintenance and outage teams to do their jobs, so service is more predictable, and the business is more successful. Through advanced correlation and analytics, Alarm Central allows operators to focus on what is most important by creating an environment where impairments are discovered and resolved proactively. Subscribers are less aware of service issues. To accomplish this, Alarm Central has three modules: Outage Manager, Proactive Manager and Intelligent Spectrum Analyzer.

Alarm Central - Proactive Manager allows Operators to proactively detect service impairments and trends – allowing resolution before an outage occurs. Complex patented correlation analysis is performed on telemetry from subscriber devices: DOCSIS® pre-equalization data is heavily leveraged as a key performance indicator (KPI) and the analytics engine uses other KPIs (CER, SNR, FEC, Spectral Response, Channel Frequency), along with proven radio frequency (RF) troubleshooting techniques, to locate the source of the impairment.

Alarm Central - Outage Manager uses DOCSIS device status and HFC network topology to correlate service outages in the HFC plant. The goal of this module is to detect service outages in almost real-time, identify the root cause and location of the outage, and automatically notify plant maintenance teams to resolve the outage. Rules exist to allow filtering small outages, lightly penetrated regions, issues that do not persist, correlation to various parts of the cable plant topology, and special situations around multiple dwelling units/ buildings.

Alarm Central - Intelligent Spectrum Analyzer provides Cable Operators an easy way to inspect signal performance and better prepare for a DOCSIS 3.1 launch without rolling a truck. A simple click on the device starts a session, using the cable modem (depending on modem specifications) as a test point. Full visibility up to 1.8 GHz spectrum allows Operators to find intermittent noise at a subscriber home, isolate impairments to a specific node bus leg, or quickly detect problems including Roll-off/ tilt, LTE interference, and adjacency. Advanced features, including Peak Hold, Spectrum-zoom, and the ability to view multiple cable modems simultaneously, give Operators a high-value interface that saves Operators time and money.

PreEQ- As cable networks evolve, and many diverse services such as telephony, data, video, business and advanced services (e.g., tele-medicine, remote education, home monitoring) are carried over them, the demand for maintaining a high level of reliability for services increases. To achieve such high reliability, operators have to fix problems before they have any impact on services. PreEQ is a ServAssure NXT Proactive Maintenance module designed to help technicians determine HFC plant issues within greater accuracy based on data derived from the pre-equalization information available on each modem and channel combination on a fiber node. This data is designed to show where pairs of defects exist in an HFC network that cause reflections and echoes in the upstream direction. By examining the adjustments, the Cable Modem Termination System (CMTS) sends to the modems to correct these defect pairs, a technician can infer where the defects exist and the distance between them.

ARRIS provides a full suite of software innovations that help service providers advance user experiences while streamlining operations.

Built upon our unique knowledge of service providers’ operations and data, ARRIS has developed a robust lineup of software solutions that enable end-to-end management of the critical factors that can impact subscriber experiences and degrade operational efficiency. With ARRIS software solutions, service providers can collect, aggregate and analyze a wealth of data from the back office, field service, network and customer premises to easily find, diagnose and even prevent troublesome and costly performance issues. The result: happy customers and a more efficient operation from the call center to the field.

How we help:
Lower volume of calls into customer service
Fix plant issues before they became customer impacting
Reduce number of repeat truck rolls
Improve on-time performance and quality of technician visits#

How we work:
ARRIS leverages a development operations (DevOps) approach to infuse its software solutions with the highest possible quality, while speeding the delivery of new features and capabilities. By fostering a culture of constant communication throughout the product development lifecycle, DevOps helps us quickly identify, reduce, diagnose and overcome issues to significantly reduce failure rates in the field and their impacts on our customers. As part of this approach, our managed release process also enables us to introduce new features on a consistent basis, build customer feedback into our solutions throughout the development process and ensure that our software is stringently tested under real-world conditions - before deployment.

Product Classification

Regional Availability Asia | Australia/New Zealand | EMEA | Latin America | North America
Product Type Service assurance software

Product Classification

Regional Availability Asia | Australia/New Zealand | EMEA | Latin America | North America
Product Type Service assurance software