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4 Steps to a successful High Speed Migration strategy

  • Region: Europe
  • Category: Data Center Solutions
  • Language: English
  • 51 minutes

We teamed up with DatacenterDynamics to produce “4 Steps to a Successful High Speed Migration Strategy” webinar.

This webinar cuts through the noise for a practical top-down approach to help guide your migration strategy. Learn how the shift to collaborative, parallel processing is impacting infrastructure design. Identify and understand the key issues and decisions you must make:

  • What characteristics must all successful migration strategies have in common?
  • How will higher link speeds affect total cost of ownership and how do you balance the two? 
  • Should you plan for duplex or parallel optics?
  • Is 40G still the best path to 100G? Are wideband multimode and single mode potential game-changers? 
  • Which emerging technologies, trends and standards will most impact your planning?

Watch the replay of the webinar then contact CommScope and learn how your vision plus our High Speed Migration platform can take your data centre beyond the now.


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