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Launch of phase 2 of the High Speed Migration solution

  • Region: CALA
  • Category: Data Center Solutions
  • Language: Spanish
  • 46 minutes
Phase 2 of the launch of the High Speed Migration solution hero

In early 2017, CommScope revolutionized the concept of multimode fiber optic connectivity in Data Centers with the launch of the High Speed Migration solution, ensuring high speed, ultra high density and simple evolution of optical networks with the improved polarity method B.

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  • Support current and future applications, both in Multimode and in Monomodo
  • Optimize transmission distances with Ultra Low Loss
  • Allow additional connections and a simple design with the automated calculation tool (SYSTIMAX Link Loss Calculator)
  • Access flexible and Ultra High Density topologies
  • Simplify the choice of connectivity and transmission media (Polarity B Enhanced, MM, SM, MPO8, MPO12, MPO24)
  • Provide automated management with ImVision
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