10G Broadband

The migration path to tomorrow’s bandwidth

At current growth rates, internet services (including data-intensive gaming, virtual reality and OTT HD video) combined with today’s digital TV services will consume the entire capacity of today’s HFC networks in just a few years. Networks must start evolving now to survive.

CommScope offers migration paths that allow operators to get the most out of their existing HFC infrastructure. With CommScope’s fiber densification solutions, operators can roll out advanced network options targeting higher capacity, lower latency, enhanced security and reduced operational costs—at a pace that doesn’t strain workforce or budget.

Challenges and opportunities


Defining 10G broadband

Applications will soon need vastly higher symmetrical internet speeds, ultra-low latency, and uncompromised reliability, safety and security. The 10G broadband platform is being developed to deliver speeds 10 times faster than today’s—and 100 times faster than what most consumers currently experience. It’s important to point out that “10G” refers to a speed of 10 gigabytes per second (Gbps)—and isn’t related to “5G,” which indicates the fifth generation of mobile broadband.

CommScope is here to help you on the path to 10G broadband. Find out how our solutions can help make your network future-ready—regardless of topology or technology.

What do I need to know about 10G broadband?

10G in your network

How can 10G broadband prepare your network for the next generation of applications, regardless of topology or technology? Existing technologies are leveraged to deliver speeds 10 times faster than today’s. This affects different parts of the network in different ways. More fiber is required on the access side and in the passive optical network. 10G makes it possible to add functionalities such as managed voice, video, data and IoT services. Remote PHY can extend the benefits of DAA to both traditional segmented and fiber-deep architectures.

CommScope has a full range of proven FTTx solutions and has also introduced virtualization innovations that dramatically improve network scale, speed and latency. We’re happy to discuss the best possible approach for any specific network.

How can 10G broadband ensure networks are future-ready?

Industry discussions on 10G broadband

Industry experts say the 10G platform will provide vital support to applications that require a fast, reliable combination of fixed and mobile networks. 10G offers increased capacity and security, seamless connectivity, high reliability and low latency, and will be instrumental to the future of the innovation economy. However, 10G broadband won’t be introduced at once, but will gradually be built on existing infrastructure. This has consequences for different parts of the network.

What are the experts saying about 10G broadband?

CommScope Professional Services has the expertise to plan, design, manage and build-out your 10G broadband network.

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Why CommScope?

End-to-end solutions

End-to-end solutions

CommScope provides everything you need to make your network a success. Partner with the industry experts in connectivity, trusted by service providers worldwide to shape their future networks.

global innovator

Global innovator

With more than 10,000 patents across the world in more than a dozen industry categories, CommScope designs and creates solutions that help your network work at its best.

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Certified performance

Certified performance

At CommScope, we not only build solutions to deliver peak performance; we also certify them. So, you can be sure your network receives exactly what you expected.

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