• Ask the experts at CommScope, VIRTUS Data Centres, and University of Montana.

    Roundtable Webinar! How To Optimize Capacity In Today’s Data Centers.

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    Data Center Webinar

    DCD Webinar

    The biggest challenge facing many data centers today? Capacity! How to optimize what you have today, and when you need to expand, how to expand your capacity smarter. Talk with the experts from CommScope, VIRTUS, University of Montana and find out how DCIM and Prefabricated Modular Data Centers are driving best practices in how capacity is managed and optimized.

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CommScope Definitions: What Is a Small Cell?

Patrick Lau - Aug 27, 2015

What exactly is a small cell? It turns out that the term is hard to define, despite industry efforts to do so. Patrick Lau dissects the term in today’s blog post. Patrick suggests that the best definition might be one based on the small cell function of offloading traffic from the macro wireless network, not the technologies involved. Read more

The Modern Data Center – Challenges and Innovations: Part 5

James Young - Aug 26, 2015

Many data centers operators are looking for ways to maximize efficiency, especially with many government regulations promoting better power usage effectiveness (PUE). In the next edition of his blog series on the modern data center, Jim Young discusses the driving factors behind the necessary improvement to PUE. Read more

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