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    Myths About Base Station Antennas

    There are many misconceptions about base station antennas. Learn more as we expose five of the most common myths surrounding the industry’s most visible network component.

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    AISG Smart Sense technology simplifies RF cable installation

    Our new AISG Smart Sense technology simplifies RF cable installation for antennas with internal SBT by sensing which RF jumper or AISG cable carries the AISG signals and prioritizes which signal source to use. This minimizes the risk of misaligned cables and reduces the installation time.

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Expect More: Addressing MSO Challenges (Part 1)

Mark Alrutz - Aug 24, 2016

As MSO networks evolve, many move from HFC to full fiber. In the first of a two-part blog series, Mark Alrutz outlines strategies for making the transition in a cost-effective way. Read more

Does cell virtualization offer a peek at 5G?

Josh Adelson - Aug 23, 2016

Mobile operators are proposing network architectures and setting up labs such as Telefonica’s 5Tonic to gain experience with candidate technology approaches for 5G. CommScope’s recently announced capability called cell virtualization is consistent with the way that industry-leading operators are talking about 5G network architectures. Cell virtualization is a way to multiply the capacity of a single physical cell while avoiding the penalty of border interference and handovers. See today’s blog post for Josh Adelson’s insights into how cell virtualization might fit into the 5G vision. Read more

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