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    What is an Intelligent Building?

    The Connected and Efficient Building

    Learn how to make your building Connected and Efficient
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      Eastern Pennsylvania Chapter Vendor Day

      We will exhibit during next week's Eastern Pennsylvania SCTE Chapter Vendor Day (June 1) in Exton, PA. Make sure you are registered to attend. 
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      FTTA Turnkey Solutions

      HELIAX® FiberFeed® solutions simplify BBU-to-RRU connectivity with scalable plug-and-play configurations, making network modernization efforts more efficient and productive.
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      Planning for Connected and Efficient Buildings

      A Universal Connectivity Grid is a design architecture that supports an increasing number of networked applications deployed over twisted-pair cabling, including Wi-Fi, in-building wireless, building automation, LED lighting and more.
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    May 27, 2015

    Defining Today’s Intelligent Building

    The term “intelligent building” has been around since the 1980s, but more than 30 years later, there is still no clear-cut definition for an intelligent building. In his blog, Matias Peluffo talks about the different technologies and requirements involved in what is perceived in today’s intelligent buildings. Read more
    May 26, 2015

    Are Telecom Tools Becoming Trendy? (Part 2)

    What kind of online tools do engineers search for? They look for one that is easy to use, speak their language and accompanied by technical support. Ricardo Diaz explains how CommScope is working on improving its online tool catalog. That can only be done with customer feedback. Read more

    Thinking Ahead

    • ThinkingAhead1How do you stay ahead of technology change? You think ahead. That's why companies trust CommScope with their toughest network challenges. We anticipate change and think beyond today's technology to help you make the best decision for your network and your business. Here we offer a holistic perspective that spans network technology, intelligence and energy management to help you think – and stay – ahead of the curve.

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