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  • The internet under your feet

    See how CommScope’s fiber connectivity solutions have changed people’s lives in the city of Leuven, Belgium, and beyond.


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  • Solutions

    Cameras & Wi-Fi hot spots – connected and powered

    The powered fiber cable system is a complete solution to simultaneously power and communicate with network access devices. Composed of a hybrid copper/fiber cable and a PoE extender, this solution also helps eliminate local power sourcing and reduces landlord/utility negotiations. Available May 1 in a new 2port version for even higher power for multiple devices!

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  • Products

    Plug & Play FTTX

    When needing to respond with agility, the Multiport Service Terminal (MST) and Mini-MST offer factory-terminated quality connections and a fast way to turn up service for new subscribers.

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How will network operators use 5G technology?

Pedro Torres - Apr 21, 2017

Wireless operators envision 5G will help them to serve multiple customers from a unified, flexible network. Network slicing, enabled by network function virtualization and software-defined network technologies, is what will make this possible. Check out this video blog by Pedro Torres for more details. Read more

VoLTE – Now We’re Talking

Erik Lilieholm - Apr 18, 2017

At the time when cellular was synonymous with voice calling, both handsets and networks were built and optimized for the purpose of talking and listening. While great strides have been taken in technology and network deployment to satiate our appetite for mobile data, voice has received relatively less attention. By migrating voice service to LTE, additional spectrum can be carved from 2G/3G and these older technologies eventually retired. Erik Lilieholm explains more in this blog post and the updated “LTE Best Practices” eBook. Read more

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