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    2015 CTIA Super Mobility

    CTIA Super Mobility Week

    Matt Melester (Sept 9), Mike Williamson (Sept 9), Philip Sorrells (Sept 9 and 10), and Nathan Benton (Sept 11) will present during next week’s CTIA Super Mobility Week 2015 in Las Vegas.

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    2015-09-08 Data Center Webinar

    DCD Webinar

    The biggest challenge facing many data centers today? Capacity! How to optimize what you have today, and when you need to expand, how to expand your capacity smarter. Talk with the experts from CommScope, VIRTUS, University of Montana and find out how DCIM and Prefabricated Modular Data Centers are driving best practices in how capacity is managed and optimized.

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The LTE Journey Continues

Philip Sorrells - Sep 3, 2015

Numerous RF experts at CommScope helped author the LTE Best Practices ebook, which is filled with answers, tips and insights to help demystify LTE implementation complexity. Each of the authors also wrote a blog post as part of a series based on the ebook. Philip Sorrells summarizes the series and provides links to all the posts in today’s blog. Read more

How Internet of Things Can Transform Building Management

Bryn Jones - Sep 2, 2015

The modern large-scale building is a maze of different technologies and systems that can be aligned through the Internet of Things (IoT). In his blog, Bryn Jones discusses the growing interest in IoT and how it can transform buildings and the urban environment. Read more

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