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  • The internet under your feet

    See how CommScope’s fiber connectivity solutions have changed people’s lives in the city of Leuven, Belgium, and beyond.


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  • Solutions

    Cameras & Wi-Fi hot spots—connected and powered

    The powered fiber cable system is a complete solution to simultaneously power and communicate with network access devices. Composed of a hybrid copper/fiber cable and a PoE extender, this solution also helps eliminate local power sourcing and reduces landlord/utility negotiations. Available May 1st in a new 2port version for even higher power for multiple devices!

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  • Products

    Plug-and-Play FTTX

    When needing to respond with agility, the multiport service terminal (MST) and mini-MST offer factory-terminated quality connections and a fast way to turn up service for new subscribers.

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MoCA: Coffee or Cable?

Mark Alrutz - Apr 26, 2017

MoCA isn’t a fancy chocolate coffee. But it is a great organization that develops networking protocols. CommScope’s Mark Alrutz introduces you to MoCA and the three things to pay attention to in coax cable networks. Read more

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