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    Rollout 600 MHz with CommScope base station antennas

    CommScope’s 600 MHz base station antennas have superior sector power ratio performance—reducing interference between sites and boosting capacity. Fully integrated, independent RET control through a single input port also simplifies AISG connectivity while supporting 600/700 MHz and high bands.

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Understand the Passive Infrastructure That Underpins Your Network

James Donovan - May 22, 2017

For anyone who works with passive network infrastructure, the growth of IoT presents substantial opportunities for career growth, business growth and industry recognition. The CommScope Infrastructure Academy has introduced its first eBook on passive infrastructure training. To make the most of this opportunity, accessible passive infrastructure training is the gateway to success. Learn more in this blog from James Donovan. Read more

Where is Fiber Growth Expected and Why?

Dieter Verdegem - May 19, 2017

There are three factors to deploy fiber into your network—speed, simplicity, and savings. With these factors being considered by operators, where do we expect to see an increase in fiber applications? In this Fiber Friday vlog, Dieter Verdegem explains those applications. Read more

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