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    E2O® cable products offer MSOs flexible options

    CommScope’s Electrical to Optical products offer a highly customizable solution that combines coaxial cable, optical fiber and/or microducts all inside a single ruggedized sheath. The flexible design allows you to prepare for future upgrades as you add capacity, saving installation costs.

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5G: A Look Back, A Look Ahead

Kevin Linehan - Jul 22, 2016

5G development efforts have already come a long way, but there is plenty more work to be done. The wireless industry is starting to sort out how to turn 5G ideas into real-world 5G networks. CommScope is involved in a number of industry organizations that help marshal resources. Most recently, the White House announced the Advanced Wireless Industry Initiative, for which CommScope will contribute connectivity solutions for 5G wireless research platforms. Learn more about 5G development and CommScope’s involvement in today’s blog post by Kevin Linehan. Read more

Buildings Have Been Getting Smarter for Eons

Ispran Kandasamy, Ph.D. - Jul 20, 2016

The concept of “intelligent buildings” today involves how people and machines connect and communicate, and how building owners can more efficiently manage the increasingly precious resources of energy and space. The evolution to connected and efficient buildings has introduced many new technologies, systems and deployment methods to the enterprise. In today’s blog post, Ispran Kandasamy introduces a new blog series about the network infrastructure behind connected and efficient buildings. CommScope e-book authors will be sharing more insights in future blog posts. Read more

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