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    Morgan Kurk and Davy Brown speak about the future of communications networks, the rate of change, demand for innovation, and the influence of technology in our lives.

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    The Best LTE Experience – with the Economics of Wi-Fi

    CommScope’s award-winning OneCell delivers consistent, superior LTE performance throughout enterprises and public spaces, with the economics and simplicity of managed Wi-Fi. Using a revolutionary Cloud RAN (C-RAN) architecture, the OneCell Baseband Controller and multiple Radio Points form a single “super” cell that eliminates small cell handovers and border interference.

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    Optical Raceway Systems Just Got Even More Flexible

    FiberGuide systems have proven to increase flexibility and reduce installation time while maintaining proper bend radiuses for your fiber cables. With the introduction of FlexVertical kits, now you’ve got side-to-side and front-to-back mobility with 15 degrees of articulating flexibility on each side too.

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