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    Myths about base station antennas

    There are many misconceptions about base station antennas. Learn more as we expose five of the most common myths surrounding the industry’s most visible network component.

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    OM5 is the new standard for Multimode Fiber

    Read about the latest development in multimode fiber - OM5. With bandwidth requirements continuing to grow in the data center and building, OM5 can provide the ideal platform for cost effective support today and easy migration tomorrow. OM5 is available today from CommScope as LazrSPEED WideBand Multimode Fiber.

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150 million emails in one minute: How CommScope approaches demand

Niall McAndrew - Jan 23, 2017

Think of everything you’ve done on the Internet in the last minute. Sent an email, ordered lunch online, shopped for clothes, swiped left. And that’s just you. Now imagine everyone in the world doing the same thing. That’s a lot of demand on the nearest data centers. But here’s the good news: CommScope knows how to help. In this blog post, Niall McAndrew shows us an interactive way to build up the network. Read more

Overcoming the Challenges to African Network Deployments

Pape Ndaw - Jan 20, 2017

We are launching a new video blog series—Fiber Friday. Our industry thought leaders will provide you with some unique insight into the world of fiber optics. In this video blog, Pape Ndaw, Vice President of Global Sales Strategy, Planning and Operations for CommScope, discusses what network challenges operators in Africa must overcome to building a fiber infrastructure. Read more

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40 Years of Network Innovation

Celebrate the people and innovations who have shaped the communications industry and are leading the way forward.

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