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      The Real Truth about Data Center Capacity Management

      Attend our on-demand webinar with Jennifer Koppy, Senior Analyst at IDC and CommScope’s technical expert, Adrian Parry. 
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      Density + Intelligences = Better managed networks

      Improve the visibility of your network. Automate your management and improve the efficiency and productivity of your IT with iPatch high density shelves.
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      Fiber Traffic Access Point

      CommScope Fiber Traffic Access Points (TAPs) are passive, optical splitters that require no power. They enable IT professionals to monitor their network traffic without interrupting it, delaying it or dropping packets.
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    Aug 21, 2014
    Infrastructure CapEx Versus OpEx
    When designing infrastructure for intelligent buildings, facilities managers and building owners must compare the capital expenses to the operating expenses. They must also decide what the right solution is for their infrastructure needs. In this blog, James Donovan describes several factors everyone must consider. Read more
    Aug 18, 2014
    Today’s IT Landscape Described by Philosopher 2,500 Years Ago
    It is well known that mobile devices are creating a strain on networks; and the constant change in technology makes it hard for the network to stay ahead of the curve. In his latest blog, Ashok Srinivasan discusses the solutions available to help enterprises keep up with the ever-changing technology trends and maintain service levels. Read more

    Thinking Ahead

    • ThinkingAhead1How do you stay ahead of technology change? You think ahead. That's why companies trust CommScope with their toughest network challenges. We anticipate change and think beyond today's technology to help you make the best decision for your network and your business. Here we offer a holistic perspective that spans network technology, intelligence and energy management to help you think – and stay – ahead of the curve.

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