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    This course looks at the field test equipment required to verify installations for both copper and fiber cabling systems. It discusses test equipment options, correct set up of testers, how to test, what to test, how to analyze the results so the faults can be identified and corrected. It also discusses the relevant standards for testing, inspection and documentation. Sign up today.

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The New Era of Ethernet

Wu Jian - Oct 1, 2015

For more than 40 years, Ethernet has become a pervasive medium for information transmission. In his blog, Wu Jian discusses the trends driving the recent transformations of Ethernet from what we see today and into the future. Read more

The Future of Free Cooling at Cell Sites

Mathias Hery - Sep 30, 2015

Free cooling is even more attractive for the wireless industry today due to rising energy costs and the increased heat resistance of electronic equipment. But not all free cooling solutions are the same. CommScope believes its Alifabs Monitor solution offers some unique benefits. Mathias Hery will explain more about Alifabs Monitor and the challenges involved in the various cooling options in the upcoming “The Future of Free Cooling” webinar on October 6. See today’s blog post to register. Read more

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