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    Rapid Fiber™ significantly reduces installation times

    CommScope’s patented Rapid Fiber™ technology sports an integrated cable spool that gives you just the length of fiber you need. Never worry about slack storage again, and get the job done faster without having to measure the exact length of cable runs.

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Trends and standards are driving need for automated infrastructure management

Dave Tanis - May 27, 2016

IoT--A buzz word that can create anxiety for organizations as they create plans to deal with the expected number of devices and data traffic. These plans will include supporting cabling infrastructure, but will they also include automated infrastructure management? Dave Tanis points out the need for AIM systems and shares a video from NG Bailey, a customer with the foresight to implement an AIM system. Read more

Good Contact with PoE Connectors

Mike Williamson - May 26, 2016

The Power over Ethernet (PoE) industry is going through a major transition where the need for power support is increasing to levels that require greater care in the design of each cabling system component. In the case of connectors, not having good contact could result in energy losses. CommScope recognizes the importance of making properly designed connectors for PoE applications. Mike Williamson explains more in today’s blog post. Read more

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