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    IT Roadmap NYC
    IT Roadmap NYC

    If you want to see Matt Baldassano present Gaining Visibility into Capacity and Performance Management during IT Roadmap NYC on August 6, then make sure you are registered.
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  • Solutions

    Venues and DAS

    DAS is not just for stadiums anymore, a mobile society wants to stay connected all the time, at every event no matter how large or small. For more information, check out the replay of our recent webinar:
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  • Products

    E2O® Solutions – Build for the future

    CommScope’s Electrical to Optical (E2O) product line is a highly customizable solution that combines coaxial cable, optical fiber and/or microducts all inside a single ruggedized sheath.
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  • Latest From Our Blog

    Jul 30, 2014
    Get on the RF Path to Enlightenment
    Cell site architecture continues to evolve as the popularity and demand for LTE increases. There is a growing need from operators to integrate the electronics and hardware in a typical base-station antenna to minimize site footprint and lower costs. In this blog, James Donovan talks about this trend as well as three Infrastructure Academy course that educates operators in the ways of antenna technology, RF path and FTTA. Read more
    Jul 29, 2014
    How to Efficiently Support Multiple Frequency Bands
    Adding new frequency bands is an effective way of adding wireless network capacity, but it can create challenges for network infrastructure. A question Holger Raeder poses in today’s blog post is, “Can the return on investment in new equipment be increased by acquiring equipment that is flexible enough to support current and future services?” He explains how CommScope’s Argus UltraBand base station antennas can help answer that question affirmatively. A new white paper is linked to, as well, as the second of the network modernization series. Read more

    Thinking Ahead

    How do you stay ahead of technology change? You think ahead. That’s why companies trust CommScope with their toughest network challenges. We anticipate change and think beyond today’s technology to help you make the best decision for your network and your business. Here we offer a holistic perspective that spans network technology, intelligence and energy management to help you think – and stay – ahead of the curve.

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