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    3 Key Ingredients Drive CommScope Innovation

    We strive to give you the best and brightest support and tools to solve your challenges.

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    Want to enhance your knowledge on testing cabling installations?

    The CommScope Infrastructure Academy offers a course on testing copper and fiber optic cabling installations – such as LAN, copper twisted pair cabling, DAS, FTTx and more. Students will gain an understanding of the different field testing requirements and methods together with the latest standards and specifications.

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  • Solutions

    The Best LTE Experience – with the Economics of Wi-Fi

    CommScope’s award-winning OneCell delivers consistent, superior LTE performance throughout enterprises and public spaces, with the economics and simplicity of managed Wi-Fi. Using a revolutionary Cloud RAN (C-RAN) architecture, the OneCell Baseband Controller and multiple Radio Points form a single “super” cell that eliminates small cell handovers and border interference.

    OneCell Explained

  • Products

    Expect more! More Traffic. More Beams. More Capacity.

    Multibeam antennas use a unique beam shaping technique that boosts capacity, while containing interference. Offered in twin-beam, 5-beam, and 18-beam, these antennas are ideal for highly dense traffic areas and MIMO applications. Read how the 5-beam antenna solved a special challenge.

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Small Cells Have a New Home on the Web

Josh Adelson - Jun 30, 2016

The acquisition of Airvana expanded CommScope’s leadership and capabilities in providing indoor wireless capacity and coverage. Today, all of Airvana’s product material is now available on CommScope.com. Josh Adelson, director of product marketing, explains where you can find relevant material in this blog post. Read more

How to Power Today’s Internet of Things

Arria Giulan - Jun 29, 2016

There is great excitement about the capabilities of a connected world with the Internet of Things (IoT). The proliferation of IP-enabled surveillance cameras is already playing a critical role in making our buildings, campuses and cities more secured today. With CommScope’s Powered Fiber Cable System, customers can deploy such edge devices at further distances, helping eliminate the need for local powering and avoiding landlord and utility negotiations. See today’s blog post by Arria Giulan for more information. Read more

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