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    OM5 is the new standard for Multimode Fiber

    Read about the latest development in multimode fiber - OM5. With bandwidth requirements continuing to grow in the data center and building, OM5 can provide the ideal platform for cost effective support today and easy migration tomorrow. OM5 is available today from CommScope as LazrSPEED WideBand Multimode Fiber.

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Steering Our Way into the Future

Jessica Olstad - Oct 21, 2016

Cars are in the news a lot lately. More like technology in cars. Jessica Olstad waxes nostalgic in today’s vlog, and describes how CommScope contributes to ever-changing technology. Read more

Knees, Shoulders and Fiber Connectors

Ricardo Diaz - Oct 20, 2016

Like the connective joints in your body, your fiber connectors keep your data center connected and humming right along. Want to push your body to extremes – run a marathon, climb Kilimanjaro? Your joints better be up to the task. Ricardo Diaz uncovers which fiber/connector configurations best support your migration strategy. Read more

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