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    Outdoor Cell Sites Trends

    Densification, virtualization and optimization – three buzzwords you will hear throughout 2016. Learn more on why these terms will be so important for success.

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    Outsmart PIM with Smarter PIM Testing

    The Optical PIM Tester raises the bar with accurate PIM testing over CPRI, using a controlled stimulus. Portable and affordable, it is now possible to put PIM testing in the hands of every technician.

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Strengthening the Business Case for MIMO over DAS

Mark Kerschner - Feb 10, 2016

CommScope introduces an alternative to co-located MIMO for in-building wireless that delivers nearly full MIMO performance at half the cost. The solution is interleaved MIMO (I-MIMO), which results in capacity performance that is only slightly less than, and in some cases equal to, co-located MIMO. Check out today’s blog post by Mark Kerschner for a complete explanation and link to a new white paper that explains I-MIMO. Read more

Is Your Long-term Data Center Planning Up in the Air?

Dave Tanis - Feb 8, 2016

As technologies change and business models fluctuate, it is difficult to design, build and deploy traditional data centers. Dave Tanis explains that modular data centers meet many business objectives in an ever-changing data center world. Read more

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