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The Voltage Drop Challenge

Posted by John Chamberlain on October 8, 2015
Lightbulb--compressedThere is opportunity in the wireless industry for new power solutions for the cell site architectures deployed today. Improvements particularly can be made for powering remote radio units (RRUs) more efficiently and cost-effectively. When discussing this opportunity, I used the term “voltage drop” in a previous blog post. I will explain the term more clearly here and the central role it plays in the challenge of supplying power efficiently to RRUs.

Hey SCTE, Welcome to the New CommScope!

Joseph Depa
Posted by Joseph P. Depa III on October 7, 2015

CIO-Expo-15The network infrastructure that powers broadband providers and multi-system operators (MSO) is evolving rapidly. That is why the SCTE Cable-Tec Expo in New Orleans (Oct. 13-16, 2015) is so important for operators and for CommScope. With our acquisition of TE Connectivity’s Broadband Network Solutions (BNS) business, CommScope is adding more innovation, global solutions and scale to help operators solve more network challenges.

With the combination of CommScope and the BNS business, we look to accelerate industry innovation, solve more wired and wireless network challenges and better serve customers in more markets around the world. Broadband and MSOs and are facing four major challenges

  • Increasing bandwidth requirements
  • Network quality issues
  • Rapid deployment that is scalable
  • Optimized infrastructure that can support every application

How to Innovate Your Workspace

Loren Obrey
Posted by Loren Obrey on October 6, 2015

InnovativeSolutionsThe Intelligent Buildings Institute defines an intelligent building as “one which provides a productive and cost-effective environment through optimization of four basic elements: structure, systems, services and management, and the interrelationship between them.” As we look to the future of intelligent buildings, it’s important to have a vision with this definition in mind, and how new technologies will influence the workspace structure.

Innovative workspace flow and efficient uses of space are crucial to gaining optimum performance for the intelligent building. A cost-effective building intelligence platform will use components and technologies that deliver optimum performance through proper space usage, energy efficiencies and workforce productivity.  

The New Era of Ethernet

Wu Jian
Posted by Wu Jian on October 1, 2015

NewEthernetAfter more than 40 years in development, Ethernet has become a ubiquitous part of our lives. It has become the most common medium for our information society. It has also successfully achieved an ideal pervasive state that its creators originally expected. 

If we look back at the history of Ethernet, it roughly grew by a factor of 10 − from 10 megabytes (M) to 100M, and then from 1 gigabits (G) to 10G. Today, some data centers are working at 40G and sometimes in 100G; however, in the past few years, Ethernet progressed in a diversified way.   

The Future of Free Cooling at Cell Sites

Mathias Hery
Posted by Mathias Hery on September 30, 2015
Monitor--compressedFree cooling is not a new concept in the wireless industry. It is basically an alternative to the typical refrigeration technique of air conditioning—think freon and window units at your home. By contrast, in free cooling, naturally cold air or water is circulated past the active electronic equipment in cell site shelters and enclosures to evacuate the excess heat. Network engineers have been exploring and deploying free cooling solutions for years because they lower operating costs while protecting radio equipment.

More is Less… Even When You Deploy Cable

Ricardo Diaz
Posted by Ricardo Diaz on September 29, 2015

Building_Cat6I am often asked which structured cabling category I would choose for a project. Most engineers’ response should be, “It depends.” It depends on many considerations, such as:

  • Site size
  • Business type
  • Building type
  • Life expectancy of the installation 

Engineers tend to call these decision parameters. Yes, we are that warped.

Every cabling investment is an endeavor to succeed and that the company will thrive and grow, based on a responsible business plan.

Get the Right Results in Testing Times

James Donovan
Posted by James Donovan on September 28, 2015

TestingWhen cabling infrastructure is in place, the job is not over. Testing of the finished cabling system is an essential part of any installation project. This applies equally to both copper and fiber optic cabling. It also applies to all types of applications such as data centers, wireless networks, FTTx and local area networks.

Testing is needed to verify that a cabling installation has been completed in accordance with the terms of the contract and industry standards. In addition, the test data provides useful information for troubleshooting over the life of the cabling, and for planning future upgrades of equipment and applications.

CommScope Wins Big at BICSI

Wes Bates
Posted by Wesley Bates on September 25, 2015

InnovatorsAwardSince the recent acquisition of TE Connectivity’s Broadband Network Solutions (BNS) business unit by CommScope, there has been a lot of excitement around how these two great organizations are combining resources and talent. At this year’s Fall BICSI Conference & Exhibition, recently held in Las Vegas, it seems they will also get to combine their trophy cases.

During the conference, Cabling Installation & Maintenance held their inaugural Innovators Awards program recognizing some of the most innovative uses and applications of cabling technologies. We’re proud to announce two of our solutions took home some hardware

How to Avoid a Faded T-Shirt…er, Microwave Antenna

Derren Oliver 2
Posted by Derren Oliver on September 24, 2015

T-shirts-compressedHave you ever bought a t-shirt that is the right color, right size, right price – and fits ok? But after a few times wearing and washing it, you notice it looks worn and faded? You thought you were getting a good deal…until those first few washes.

Microwave antennas are not t-shirts, but the same phenomenon applies. Some antennas are more durable and last longer than others. But did you know that most countries have regulations to protect you from purchasing substandard telecommunications equipment that doesn’t meet the specifications under which it is sold?  For example, in Europe there are three principle regulations and standards for microwave antennas that you should be aware of.

What Is a Connected and Efficient Building?

Lewis White
Posted by Lewis White on September 23, 2015

cebuildingToday’s working environment is very different from that of even just a decade ago. Equipped with smartphones, tablets and laptops, office workers today work in flexible, fast changing teams. They are connected as never before, with many working with cloud based applications and collaborative tools that demand always-on wireless connectivity. And they want workspaces that are equally adaptive, and fit around their changing needs.

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