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Top Five Features of the New

Posted by Keri Becker on June 22, 2017


Our goal is to consistently deliver an excellent user experience on  The web is a living thing, and to respond to our customers’ changing needs, we constantly review user behavior and make ongoing improvements. Our Digital Marketing and IT teams work closely to drive these efforts.  

Get a load of these numbers from Joanna Ofiara, manager of web productivity solutions. Our website has 85,000 parts and tens of thousands of pages and assets. That’s a lot to update! 

NFV and SDN are Forcing Big Changes in the Central Office

Posted by Hans-Jürgen Niethammer on June 21, 2017

Traffic_Control_SDNNetwork functions virtualization (NFV) and software-defined networking (SDN) are two linked technologies that have the potential to boost network capacity, improve customer service and enhance network profitability. They do this through increased automation and efficiency, each at its own infrastructure layer.  

It’s no wonder that they’re such an important topic among wireless operators, original equipment manufacturers, system integrators, third-party software developers, standards bodies and open source initiatives. There’s a lot of interest.  

But as the world’s networks move to a more virtualized, edge-based delivery model, what happens to the central offices? The short answer is that it’s forcing the rapid development of a new architectural approach characterized by two related trends. First, the use of small data centers (sometimes called “pods”) in strategic edge locations; and second, the adoption of higher-performance fiber-optic infrastructure to connect them. The end game is a network so deeply virtualized that the distinction between wired and wireless networks will no longer apply.

The Trend is Towards Multi-Tenant Data Centers

Posted by Dave Tanis on June 19, 2017

MTDC_3_white data centerIf you didn’t hear the news, CommScope announced last week the formation of a Multi-Tenant Data Center (MTDC) alliance. You may ask why is this important?

It’s simple: the amount of data we consume daily and the continued outsourcing of data centers is increasing the need for MTDCs. A shift has taken place where companies are increasingly outsourcing IT needs to shared environments such that data centers can be viewed as an operating expense.

MTDCs are a smart way to grow the capabilities of your colocation IT infrastructure and control costs at the same time. The formation of the MTDC Alliance as part of the PartnerPRO Network is crticial because members will be able to offer optimal network infrastructure solutions from CommScope to customers who need to deploy this technology in multi-tenant environments.

Higher and Higher: From Drones to Data Centers

Posted by Ricardo Diaz on June 18, 2017

DroneFun personal fact: when I’m not playing a network nerd at work, I love outdoor photography. The scenic vistas where we live make for some really dramatic shots.  Early morning sunrises, fog-shrouded mountaintops. 

Recently, I decided to treat myself to a new piece of photo equipment: a drone. Not just any drone, but— much to my wife’s dismay— a top of the line DJI Mavic Pro. It’s got 4k video, OcuSync transmission with 7km range, GPS and GLONASS positioning—the works! That first Sunday morning with my new toy, I was like a kid on Christmas day. I unpacked it, charged the battery, opened the manual and…ah, who needs a manual? I’m a guy, I can figure this out. 

Alas, as soon as it was in the air, I was out of my depth. There was a mind-numbing array of controls: camera rotation, forward speed, in-flight connectivity, obstacle sensors, altitude, subject tracking and more. It was far more complex than expected. As I watched my $1,300 toy fly toward the nearest tree, I thought, “it’s like trying to manage today’s enterprise data center.”

How Has Fiber Optics Made the World of Communications Better?

Posted by Joseph Coffey on June 16, 2017

This blog post is part of our blog series—Fiber Friday. Our subject matter experts will provide you with some insight into the world of fiber optics, covering various industry topics.

Can you believe how far communications has come in the past several decades? Rotary phones gave way to cordless and smart phones. Basic television (where you had to adjust the rabbit ear antenna) gave way to cable television and streaming any content you want, any time you want.  

One thing that has helped with the evolution of communications has been the deployment of fiber optic cables. Fiber has turned the mobile phone into a portable computer that can not only make calls but take and share pictures, stream video and other amazing things.  

In this vlog, I explain how fiber optics have changed communications and the world we live in by providing us the data we so desperately require. 

Making the Switch: Coping with High Speed Migration

Posted by Hans-Jürgen Niethammer on June 15, 2017

HSM ArchitectureIt’s an accepted truth in the industry that data center bandwidth requirements are expected to increase 25 to 35 percent per year for the foreseeable future. Ready or not, that means high speed migration is here, and if you’re not in the middle of it now, you soon will be.

Switch speeds are the key. 40G ports supplying four 10G server connections are increasingly overwhelmed, which is the main reason data centers are making the move to 25G and 50G switches to keep up with demand.

Used a fax machine in a while?

Posted by Craig Culwell on June 13, 2017

Convergence-circle-compRaise your hand if you’ve used a fax machine in the last week. Or dial-up Internet. Or a land line at home. I’m guessing you haven’t used any of these things in a long time. All of them had their moments in the sun, and all were innovations in their time. But with a networking world that is becoming more converged, change happens fast, and there’s so much yet to look forward to…

The ironic thing is that as the world becomes more wireless, the more fiber networks are needed. It becomes essential to merge wireless and fixed networks. But is your network ready? Can you keep up with demand?

Fidget Spinner…Now Why Didn’t I Think of That?!

Posted by Kris Kozamchak on June 12, 2017

Fidget Spinner

If you haven’t heard, seen or played with a fidget spinner by now then you must be living on another planet.  

What’s so interesting about this phenomenon is that the origins are sketchy with stories of it being invented for ADHD, or to entertain a child and promote peace, or by a guy who was restless in IT meetings.  

Amazing that at this point there isn’t a patent on file for this device. And because there isn’t a patent, there are variations of the fidget spinner on the market and even videos on how to create your own using everything from a bearing and zip ties to Legos. Imagine inventing a toy that causes such a stir that some schools have banned them!

India’s Busy Time of Year: Are Data Centers Ready?

Posted by Ashok Srinivasan on June 11, 2017

Student_on_laptopApril to June is a critical time for many families in India with people taking exams, getting results, and planning a vacation. For each of these important activities, the network is somehow involved.  


First, this is the time of the year when students across the country prepare and appear for high school exams. These exams decide their future academic direction. The network plays a vital role in helping students prepare through distance education, online videos, virtual classrooms, etc., for which there are many resources and organizations available.  

Just to give a number perspective, in one Indian state there were over a million students who wrote Central Board of Secondary Education papers online. And across the country, 1.1 million students wrote entrance education papers online for the field of medicine, which is 41 percent higher than last year.

A Partner For Multi-Tenant Transitions

Posted by Rodney A. Willis on June 9, 2017

MTDC_2Ever had a great coach that tried to look out for you off the field as much -- if not more -- as on?  Someone that focused on you versus the position on the field, on the track or on the court. It’s kind of how we think of ourselves with our new MTDC Alliance

Our Alliance – part of our exclusive PartnerPRO Network – helps customers transition from their own enterprise to a multi-tenant data center (MTDC). There are thousands of MTDC in the world, some of which we think are the cream of the crop. We’re happy to have Equinix as the first partner to sign on with the Alliance.

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