About the Author

Morgan Kurk

Mr. Kurk took the role of chief technology officer for CommScope in October 2015. His prior assignment as the senior vice president of the wireless segment included responsibility for indoor, outdoor, and backhaul businesses. Mr. Kurk started his career at Motorola in 1994 where he was a hardware development engineer for base stations and a product manager for a CDMA base station product line. He joined Allen Telecom in 1997, which became part of Andrew Corporation in 2004. Mr. Kurk held a variety of positions including director of business development in the United States and China; vice president of R&D, PLM, and Strategy; and vice president and general manager of the Wireless Innovations Group worldwide. In 2009, he joined CommScope as senior vice president of the Enterprise business unit. In total he has more than 20 years of experience solving communication problems.