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Morgan Kurk

Morgan Kurk

Mr. Kurk took the role of chief technology officer for CommScope in October 2015. His prior assignment as the senior vice president of the wireless segment included responsibility for indoor, outdoor, and backhaul businesses. Mr. Kurk started his career at Motorola in 1994 where he was a hardware development engineer for base stations and a product manager for a CDMA base station product line. He joined Allen Telecom in 1997, which became part of Andrew Corporation in 2004. Mr. Kurk held a variety of positions including director of business development in the United States and China; vice president of R&D, PLM, and Strategy; and vice president and general manager of the Wireless Innovations Group worldwide. In 2009, he joined CommScope as senior vice president of the Enterprise business unit. In total he has more than 20 years of experience solving communication problems.

5G and the User Experience

Posted by Morgan Kurk on April 7, 2017
What will 5G really be like? The wireless industry has coalesced around three primary use cases for 5G: enhanced mobile broadband, the Internet of Things and ultra-low latency applications. Check out this video and blog post from Morgan Kurk to learn more.

What is 5G?

Posted by Morgan Kurk on March 24, 2017
5G is slowly transitioning from an industry vision to a tangible, next-generation mobile technology. Some network operators have already announced 5G trials and pre-standard deployments of 5G technology. But what is 5G? See this video blog post from Morgan Kurk to find out.

Innovation: From Start to Finish

Posted by Morgan Kurk on May 23, 2016
Innovation comes in many forms. A commonly held view associates innovation with developing new technology and generating intellectual property. CommScope believes innovation can also include anything that solves fundamental customer problems. CommScope is demonstrating leadership in multiple types of innovation, winning numerous awards and earning recognition by industry groups. See today’s blog post by Morgan Kurk, chief technology officer, for more details.

Do Operators Have Enough “Power” in 2016?

Posted by Morgan Kurk on January 18, 2016
The need to deliver more data for less money is important to network operators. One of their challenges is how to accomplish this while also making their networks more efficient and reducing their power consumption. Morgan Kurk explains what wireless, data center, and broadband service providers are facing in 2016 and some solutions they can adopt.

Cloud RAN and the Evolution of Infrastructure

Posted by Morgan Kurk on February 25, 2015
Since the beginning of cellular systems more than 40 years ago, the two forces acting on the wireless network have been efficiency and latency. Efficiency in all its forms tends to drive centralization, while latency, or time to take action, demands localization. Cloud RAN is one stop on the wireless infrastructure continuum that oscillates back and forth between localization and centralization. Morgan Kurk explains more in today’s blog post.

The Key to Success in 2015

Posted by Morgan Kurk on January 8, 2015
Wireless network operators are under increasing pressure to provide more capacity, coverage and quality without increasing end user price. The key to success in 2015 is efficiency. In today’s blog post, Morgan Kurk explains this and other key trends that he expects operators will be facing this year.

DAS as a Prelude to the Future of Networking

Posted by Morgan Kurk on September 9, 2014
While all manners of base stations will be used in future wireless network deployments, distributed antenna systems (DAS) will play a central role in providing on-demand capacity wherever and whenever it is needed. DAS today are dynamic, with various matrices that facilitate the movement of capacity from one location to the next. As a capacity play, DAS does things that pico cells simply cannot.

MWC14 Day One: The Future of In-building Wireless

Posted by Morgan Kurk on February 24, 2014
Today marks the culmination of a four year CommScope development effort to create an in-building wireless solution that is so easy to deploy, so intuitive to use, and so flexible to maintain, that it defies the categorizations we currently know. Morgan Kurk introduces the ION-E to the wireless world in this blog post and linked video.

Infographic: The Rapid Road to LTE

Posted by Morgan Kurk on January 27, 2014
Thinking about deploying LTE in your wireless network? CommScope has a new infographic with information about what the move to LTE entails. Morgan Kurk introduces it and explains why the transition to LTE is occurring so quickly in today’s blog post.

What’s Next for Wireless Networks in 2014?

Posted by Morgan Kurk on January 20, 2014
Whether or not you trust in the conjectures of psychics, if you are in the wireless industry, you will want to see what our Wireless business leader Morgan Kurk predicts for 2014. Here are some hints: his predictions include the expansion of a three-letter acronym technology and not-big cells. Read today’s blog post for more.

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