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Erik Lilieholm

Erik Lilieholm is technical sales manager, Mobility Network Engineering. Erik’s diverse background in North America’s wireless communications industry dates back to the launch of the first cellular communications networks. He has built his expertise with Allen Telecom, LGP Telecom and Ericsson. With more than 25 years in RF design, product management and technical marketing, Erik provides critical leadership to CommScope’s families of wireless network solutions, helping customers fulfill their present needs and future visions. He holds several patents in the field of RF filter technology. Erik earned a master of science degree in electrical engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden, and an MBA from the University of Nevada, Reno.

VoLTE – Now We’re Talking

Posted by Erik Lilieholm on April 18, 2017
At the time when cellular was synonymous with voice calling, both handsets and networks were built and optimized for the purpose of talking and listening. While great strides have been taken in technology and network deployment to satiate our appetite for mobile data, voice has received relatively less attention. By migrating voice service to LTE, additional spectrum can be carved from 2G/3G and these older technologies eventually retired. Erik Lilieholm explains more in this blog post and the updated “LTE Best Practices” eBook.

The Resurgence of RF Conditioning Devices

Posted by Erik Lilieholm on March 9, 2016
A new CommScope white paper, “Densifying with grace: The resurgence of RF conditioning devices,” examines current and future applications of RF conditioning components, the new challenges faced by designers, and the latest and emerging solutions that overcome those challenges. Erik Lilieholm summarizes the content in today’s blog post.

CommScope Definitions: What Is Network Densification?

Posted by Erik Lilieholm on December 11, 2015
Network densification is a way for wireless operators to add more capacity to their networks by adding more cell sites. Increasing density in the data center and enterprise industries is about increasing the available resources without having to acquire more rack space. In today’s CommScope Definitions blog post, Erik Lilieholm further explains the term “network densification."

The Cost of Noise and the Value of Silence

Posted by Erik Lilieholm on April 23, 2015
In this latest addition to the LTE Best Practices blog series, Erik Lilieholm introduces the subjects of noise and interference mitigation in wireless networks. He explains why the subject is so important to network operators, especially after they have spent billions of dollars acquiring spectrum. Readers can access the complete LTE Best Practices ebook for advice about limiting noise and interference.

Hiding in Plain Sight: The Secret about Interference Mitigation Filters

Posted by Erik Lilieholm on March 23, 2015
Did you know that an interference mitigation filter (IMF) is pretty good at hiding in plain sight? Thanks to the powerful modeling software available today, an experienced designer can create almost any desired filter function that can be realized. A multitude of RF conditioning products can incorporate filters with different functions without you even realizing it. Erik Lilieholm explains more in today’s blog post.

The Similarities Between My Old Car and Modernizing Cell Sites

Posted by Erik Lilieholm on November 4, 2014
Erik Lilieholm creatively compares the decision-making involved in modernizing wireless networks with car repair work in today’s blog post. Erik will continue the conversation in a FierceLive! webinar on November 6 at 2:00 p.m. EST titled “Network Modernization and RF Conditioning.”

Modern Fence Wars

Posted by Erik Lilieholm on April 15, 2014
The Texas Rangers brought peace to the “Fence Wars” of Texas in the late 1800s. Today, CommScope’s Interference Mitigation Filters help keep the peace in wireless spectrum. Erik Lilieholm explains how in today’s blog post.

Buyer’s Remorse

Posted by Erik Lilieholm on November 27, 2013
With the holiday shopping season upon us, Erik Lilieholm writes about how CommScope can help you avoid buyer’s remorse – at least in terms of purchasing RF diplexers. The new line of UltraBand diplexers covers an ultra wide range of frequencies, supporting spectrum used now and possibly in the future. This wide range should help customers adapt to future spectrum needs more easily…and hopefully avoid buyer’s remorse today.

You Say Tomato...

Posted by Erik Lilieholm on March 28, 2013
This second installment of the “Meet the RF Experts” blog series highlights the lack of a common terminology for co-siting equipment. The author discusses how categorization of devices by application can help users navigate the product universe and choose their optimum solution. This blog series consists of articles from contributors to the Understanding the RF Path e-book.