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Pedro Torres

Pedro Torres is director of technical sales, Southern Europe and CALA, for CommScope Mobility Solutions. He previously worked for Ericsson as chief technology officer, Radio Access Network, for the Telefonica Global Account, and in prior roles in research and development, system engineering and IP and RAN solution sales. Pedro holds a master of science degree in telecommunications engineering from Madrid Polytechnic University.



How will network operators use 5G technology?

Posted by Pedro Torres on April 21, 2017
Wireless operators envision 5G will help them to serve multiple customers from a unified, flexible network. Network slicing, enabled by network function virtualization and software-defined network technologies, is what will make this possible. Check out this video blog by Pedro Torres for more details.

Small Footprint, Big Advantages: 4.3-10 Connectors

Posted by Pedro Torres on August 11, 2016
The mobile industry has standardized a new RF connector commonly known as 4.3-10, which is set to supersede the existing connector types. 4.3-10 connectors have been developed to prevent performance issues and remove complexity in the installation of feeders, antennas, filters and tower mounted amplifiers. Pedro Torres explains more about these connectors in today’s blog post and a new white paper.