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How will network operators use 5G technology?

Posted by Pedro Torres on April 21, 2017
Wireless operators envision 5G will help them to serve multiple customers from a unified, flexible network. Network slicing, enabled by network function virtualization and software-defined network technologies, is what will make this possible. Check out this video blog by Pedro Torres for more details.

VoLTE – Now We’re Talking

Posted by Erik Lilieholm on April 18, 2017
At the time when cellular was synonymous with voice calling, both handsets and networks were built and optimized for the purpose of talking and listening. While great strides have been taken in technology and network deployment to satiate our appetite for mobile data, voice has received relatively less attention. By migrating voice service to LTE, additional spectrum can be carved from 2G/3G and these older technologies eventually retired. Erik Lilieholm explains more in this blog post and the updated “LTE Best Practices” eBook.

A Fixed-Line Fiber Network is Needed in Africa

Posted by Pape Ndaw on April 14, 2017
Smartphones are no longer a luxury, but a way of life. Thanks to this technological wonder, the demand for bandwidth is high, even in an emerging market like Africa. In this Fiber Friday vlog, Pape Ndaw explains how a fixed-line fiber network is necessary for African operators to keep up with their subscribers’ bandwidth demands.

5G and the User Experience

Posted by Morgan Kurk on April 7, 2017
What will 5G really be like? The wireless industry has coalesced around three primary use cases for 5G: enhanced mobile broadband, the Internet of Things and ultra-low latency applications. Check out this video and blog post from Morgan Kurk to learn more.

What is 5G?

Posted by Morgan Kurk on March 24, 2017
5G is slowly transitioning from an industry vision to a tangible, next-generation mobile technology. Some network operators have already announced 5G trials and pre-standard deployments of 5G technology. But what is 5G? See this video blog post from Morgan Kurk to find out.

Beyond Products and Solutions

Posted by Sylvio Peres on March 23, 2017
The Latin American region was well-represented at Mobile World Congress 2017. Many companies and clients of CommScope attended and visited our booth. Sylvio Peres, vice president of sales, CALA, was re-assured by the conversations he had with customers. They showed a great collaborative spirit and openness to new ideas. He explains more in this blog post.

Reflections from Mobile World Congress 2017

Posted by Bill Walter on March 14, 2017
Mobile World Congress, the world’s largest mobile event, saw 108,000 attendees pass through its doors in Barcelona. In this video interview from MWC17 with RCR Wireless, Philip Sorrells reflects on how the ideas of densification, virtualization and optimization came to life during the week.

Six Ways to Deploy Broadband Services: Part 1

Posted by James Donovan on March 13, 2017
Who remembers dial-up? Did you know that DSL is still around? In fact, there are several other ways subscribers are connecting to the Internet. Some might not be household names, but they all get the job done one way or the other. In part one of this blog series, James Donovan provides a summary of three technologies operators are using to deploy broadband.

What are the technology challenges of 5G?

Posted by Ray Butler on March 10, 2017
Implementing 5G has its technological challenges. It will require exploiting millimeter wave frequency bands, which has been formidable so far. In this video blog post, Ray Butler explains more about the 5G technology hurdles the wireless industry is working to surmount.

What is CommScope’s involvement in 5G standards?

Posted by Philip Sorrells on February 27, 2017
When technology becomes complex, collaboration is essential for success. CommScope is expanding its collaboration network for 5G technology development, including the Platforms for Advanced Wireless Research in the U.S., 5Tonic in Spain and 5GMF in Japan. Philip Sorrells discusses more in this video blog.

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