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2 Updates to Our FTTA PowerCalc Tool

Posted by Mike Schaefer on August 21, 2017
Do you want to make sure your FTTA deployment is correct? Then you should be using CommScope’s FTTA PowerCalc. Since it was introduced in March 2017, customers can use this tool to choose the right sized power cable for their FTTA deployments. In this blog, Mike Schaefer introduces you to the updated tool now available.

Used a fax machine in a while?

Posted by Craig Culwell on June 13, 2017
We’re willing to bet you haven’t used a fax machine in a while. All innovations have their moment in the sun. But with 5G on the horizon, there will be other great things to take its place. First, the worlds of wireless and wireline need to converge. CommScope’s Craig Culwell shines a light on how you can hear more on future network connectivity.

How the U.S. Wireless Industry Could Save $5 Million

Posted by Chris Stockman on May 4, 2017
A small piece of metal could save the U.S. wireless industry up to $5 million. The metal is CommScope’s new SnapStak Plus cable hanger. The serious cost-savings come from the total amount of time saved during installation. To see how easy they are to use, check out this video blog by Chris Stockman.

Getting to Know our Fiber Acronyms

Posted by Marcus Ash on September 29, 2016
Unexplained acronyms are a great way to confuse and derail a conversation. For the sake of conversational clarity, Marcus Ash presents a list of acronyms used at CommScope in regards to our fiber to the antenna (FTTA) solutions. He hopes this list will help in your next FTTA discussion or website search.

To Clean or Not to Clean

Posted by Marcus Ash on July 13, 2016
Keeping fiber connectors clean is of utmost importance to wireless network performance. The problem in trying to maintain a pristine connector interface is that dirt is everywhere. But a single speck of dust can be a major problem when embedded on or near the fiber core. In today’s blog post, Marcus Ash explains the cleaning process CommScope recommends for HELIAX FiberFeed, and provides links to a few resources that can help keep your connectors clean.

A PowerShift in the Wireless Industry

Posted by John Chamberlain on October 22, 2015
CommScope just announced a new power solution for wireless cell sites called PowerShift. One of the more unique advantages of PowerShift relates to how it can extend the uptime of RF battery back-up systems. CommScope estimates that PowerShift can lengthen RF battery uptime by up to 35 percent. John Chamberlain explains more about this feature in today’s blog post.

How to Efficiently Upgrade to LTE in Australia

Posted by Reece Baines on August 19, 2015
Wireless operators in Australia have limited budgets for upgrading their networks for the expected mobile broadband usage demand increases. Some are switching off 2G with increased 4G capacity as a significant factor. In today’s blog post, Reece Baines talks in more detail about how operators can add a better and more efficient upgrade path to their networks.

Modernizing Mobile Networks in Australia

Posted by Reece Baines on July 30, 2015
Data intensive applications such as video conferencing, streaming and rich media via mobile devices are putting pressure on wireless operators’ networks in Australia. There are many improvements in the RF path that can provide them with the better performance, higher reliability and lower total cost of ownership that they need to meet rising expectations on network performance. Reece Baines highlights a few of these network infrastructure solutions in today’s blog post.

Installing an LTE Cell Site

Posted by Mike Fabbri on July 13, 2015
The most common source of the performance-degrading interference called passive intermodulation (PIM) is poor installation. That’s what CommScope’s Site Solutions and Services team has discovered over the years while performing audits of existing LTE sites. Installation errors are often related to improper connections that create PIM-generating problems. See today’s blog post by Mike Fabbri for more information and a link to the LTE Best Practices ebook.

How Can You Power Cell Sites More Efficiently?

Posted by John Chamberlain on July 1, 2015
As in all technology evolutions, improvements can be made to make new architecture more cost-effective and efficient. The power cable presents a specific challenge to successful remote radio unit (RRU) deployment in today’s wireless networks. And the race is on to find more creative and efficient solutions for powering them. John Chamberlain explains more in today’s blog post.

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