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Top Promising Innovations – Sentinel Class 4 Microwave Antennas

Posted by Donald Gardner on February 2, 2017
Class 4 microwave antennas have very low side lobes in the antenna radiation pattern, so they minimize interference with adjacent antennas. CommScope’s Sentinel antenna was the first cost-effective, prime focus Class 4 compliant antenna. Class 4 antennas are a key enabler for efficient spectrum use and low-interference networks, which are essential with the coming of 5G and the Internet of Things. See this blog post for more information about one of CommScope’s top promising technologies.

The Best Microwave Antenna Side Lobes Video Ever!

Posted by Jim Syme on December 13, 2016
Today’s blogger Jim Syme admits he doesn’t really know if this new CommScope video is the best ever about microwave antenna side lobes. But he thinks so, and it does an awesome job in explaining what microwave antenna side lobes are and why they are so important to microwave network performance. Check out the video and see if you agree.

CommScope’s Top Innovations: Dual Reflector Antenna Feed—Microwave

Posted by John Cole on November 18, 2016
Today’s blog post introduces one of the top 20 innovations that has come from CommScope (or one of its acquired companies) over the past 40 years—the dual reflector antenna feed for microwave antennas. The dual reflector feed made it possible to manufacture low-profile microwave antennas in high volume to meet surging demand during the roll-out of the first GSM networks. See today’s post by John Cole for more about this historical innovation.

It’s Time for You to Understand Microwave Backhaul Infrastructure

Posted by James Donovan on October 11, 2016
Microwave antennas have emerged as a great option for long-distance communications. This technology finds is roots in other historical communications inventions. If you want to learn more about microwave fundaments, James Donovan explains that the Infrastructure Academy has a course designed especially for you.

Our E-Band Story Includes 30,000 Antennas in the Field

Posted by Derren Oliver on August 9, 2016
E-Band is a hot topic in the wireless backhaul industry. With ever-expanding LTE coverage needs and 5G standards in discussion, network operators need E-Band solutions as their existing backhaul networks are pushed to their limits. CommScope is introducing a premium E-Band ValuLine microwave antenna, which adds to the company’s existing E-Band antenna portfolio. See today’s blog post by Derren Oliver for more information.

Brazil Defines the Next Generation of Microwave Antennas

Posted by Dipesh Rattan on July 29, 2016
Anatel Brazil, the regulatory body for wireless communications in Brazil, has officially created a new category of microwave antenna for that country. The new antenna standard is for the Class 4 microwave antenna as defined by ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute). CommScope’s Class 4 microwave antenna, the Sentinel, is the first antenna certified by Anatel Brazil as Class 4 compliant. See today’s blog post by Dipesh Rattan for more information.

The Unexpected Cost of Low Cost Microwave Antennas

Posted by Donald Gardner on April 20, 2016
Wireless operators face a lot of pressure to minimize the costs of microwave network rollout. Some choose to do this through the use of cheap antennas; however, this can actually cost more in the long-run when the total cost of ownership (TCO) is considered. In today’s blog post, Donald Gardner explains some of the factors that drive cost in a microwave antenna.

The Future of Microwave Backhaul

Posted by Donald Gardner on December 9, 2015
Rising data traffic places increasing demands on available microwave backhaul spectrum. Operators are already starting to move to the next generation of microwave antennas that offer greater spectrum reuse, increased resilience against interference and the potential to reduce costs. Learn more about this trend in today’s blog post by Donald Gardner, and the new “Microwave Communication Basics” eBook to which it links.

Learn the Basics of Microwave Backhaul Networks

Posted by Laura Fontaine on November 24, 2015
Demand for knowledge related to microwave engineering concepts is increasing. To meet this demand, Comsearch just launched a Microwave Engineering eLearning Center as part of the CommScope Infrastructure Academy. The Microwave eLearning Center offers comprehensive and interactive online microwave engineering courses to help hone students’ skills and enhance their expertise. You can also download the latest CommScope ebook, Microwave Communication Basics, for related material. See today’s blog post by Laura Fontaine for more information.

Get Linked into Microwave Communication Basics

Posted by Jeff Epstein on November 4, 2015
Like every part of the telecommunications system, microwave backhaul is complicated and needs to be thoroughly planned in advance of deployment to ensure the high rate of reliability that today’s mobile customers demand. To learn more about the theory, practices and technologies of microwave backhaul, download the latest CommScope ebook, "Microwave Communication Basics." The ebook explains how the fundamentals of microwave communications bear on the capacity and reliability of wireless networks. See today’s blog post for more information.

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