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Bandwidth and Capacity: The Passive Infrastructure Challenge

Posted by James Donovan on July 12, 2017
Don’t look now, but your bandwidth capacity is being gobbled up. Service providers must continue to evolve their network architectures of costly and increasing unnecessary hierarchies. One way they can do that is by deploying passive infrastructures so they can optimize their costs per bit. If you are unsure how to deploy passive infrastructures in your network, James Donovan and CommScope Infrastructure Academy is here to help. This blog highlights the Academy’s first eBook designed to help you better understand the passive infrastructure that underpins your network.

There’s No Limit to What Fiber Can Do

Posted by James Donovan on February 16, 2017
The world of fiber optics has come a long way. From undersea cables and data centers to HFC, PON and FTTx networks, there is no doubt that the demand for ubiquitous broadband access is pushing the continued deployment of fiber in networks. So, what do you know about these fiber networks? James Donovan explains in this blog that there is an Infrastructure Academy course that you might want to consider.

Converging Communication Networks – Emerging Cabling Considerations

Posted by James Donovan on January 18, 2017
The future looks bright for IT managers; however, they also need to predict the future. They need to assess their cabling infrastructure needs and how it will benefit their network years to come. In this blog, James Donovan explains how a particular Infrastructure Academy course can provide students with all aspects of design and implementation of network infrastructure cabling.

Spot the Cabling Nerd

Posted by James Donovan on August 29, 2016
It’s rare that during parties or get-togethers the topic “network infrastructure” is discussed. People might know about it, but they have no clue how important it is to their day-to-day lives. They do not know how important cabling is for network infrastructure, including the wireless industry. James Donovan explains how you can become a cabling evangelist with the help of the CommScope Infrastructure Academy.

To Clean or Not to Clean

Posted by Marcus Ash on July 13, 2016
Keeping fiber connectors clean is of utmost importance to wireless network performance. The problem in trying to maintain a pristine connector interface is that dirt is everywhere. But a single speck of dust can be a major problem when embedded on or near the fiber core. In today’s blog post, Marcus Ash explains the cleaning process CommScope recommends for HELIAX FiberFeed, and provides links to a few resources that can help keep your connectors clean.

Optimize Network Performance with PIM Certification

Posted by James Donovan on June 27, 2016
Who wants a cell phone without signal? Learn how to avoid the threat of signal degradation caused by Passive Intermodulation and how the Infrastructure Academy’s PIM certification course can allow you to detect signal degradation before it wreaks havoc on your network. James Donovan highlights a course that will make you PIM certified.

16 Ways to Secure Investment for Network Infrastructure Training

Posted by James Donovan on May 30, 2016
How do you encourage your employees to further their training? Everyone knows it is important, but time and resources must be made available. In this blog, James Donovan provides you with simple do’s and don’ts on getting not only your employees’ acceptance, but your company’s buy-in.

The Data Center of the Future: Limitless, Connected and Efficient (Part 1)

Posted by Kam Patel on April 26, 2016
We all know IoT, generation mobile and increased bandwidth consumption will impact data centers. Want to know what attributes are needed to keep your data center current and ready for the future? Kam Patel highlights a few of the attributes and give you information on an upcoming event where you can openly discuss with experts and peers.

Managing Fiber Connectivity in Service Provider Networks

Posted by James Donovan on April 25, 2016
A service provider building a fiber network is only successful if that network has a well built infrastructure based on a strong fiber cable and connectivity management systems. Recently, the CommScope Infrastructure Academy launched five new courses covering different fiber connectivity options. James Donovan explains in this blog.

Clean Optical Fiber Means Clean Data

Posted by James Donovan on March 28, 2016
What causes interference in your optical fiber networks? If you don’t maintain and clean the fibers, then even microscopic debris can cause major issues. James Donovan provides you several ways on how to properly clean your fibers.

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