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VoLTE – Now We’re Talking

Posted by Erik Lilieholm on April 18, 2017
At the time when cellular was synonymous with voice calling, both handsets and networks were built and optimized for the purpose of talking and listening. While great strides have been taken in technology and network deployment to satiate our appetite for mobile data, voice has received relatively less attention. By migrating voice service to LTE, additional spectrum can be carved from 2G/3G and these older technologies eventually retired. Erik Lilieholm explains more in this blog post and the updated “LTE Best Practices” eBook.

CommScope at #MWC17: A Multitude of Network Solutions

Posted by Philip Sorrells on February 24, 2017
The evolution to 5G will include more cell sites and site sectors, centralized and cloud RANs, and more fiber throughout. Adding capacity to networks – as always – is still critical. At Mobile World Congress 2017, CommScope will be displaying and discussing network solutions for the next generation of cellular. In this blog, Philip Sorrells previews CommScope’s presence at the major wireless industry event, #MWC17.

Check out the narrowest 1400 MHz capable multiband antenna

Posted by Martin Zimmerman on February 21, 2017
New frequency bands are being rolled out in the wireless industry. CommScope is supporting them with ultra-wideband antennas, including the narrowest 1400 MHz capable multiband antenna on the market today. Marty Zimmerman explains more in this video blog, posted in anticipation of Mobile World Congress 2017.

The Physical Layer at NATE UNITE

Posted by Dale Heath on February 14, 2017
NATE UNITE is the premier event of the year for the tower erection, service and maintenance industry to come see the latest and greatest products. At the show, you will find CommScope’s latest structural solutions for cell sites including a new solution that will reduce cable installation times and make ordering attachment accessories much easier. See this blog post by Dale Heath for more information.

Top Promising Innovations – PowerShift

Posted by Mike Fabbri on February 7, 2017
In 2015, CommScope announced a new solution called PowerShift that more efficiently transmits DC power to radio units. CommScope designed PowerShift for modern cell site architectures where radio units are separated from the baseband units. PowerShift is named as one of CommScope’s most promising technologies in this blog post.

Cellular Networks in 2017: More of the Same in the Midst of Change

Posted by Ben Cardwell on January 9, 2017
The trends that defined the wireless network industry in 2016 are all still in play in 2017, says Ben Cardwell. While that might sound like more of the same, it can also be thought of as a prelude to 5G. Now is the time when mobile network operators are laying the groundwork for the future while monetizing and managing their investments from the past. See today’s blog post for more information.

Top 10 CommScope Innovations: Distributed Antenna System Solutions

Posted by Matt Melester on December 14, 2016
Through its acquisitions and internal development, CommScope has been a leader in distributed antenna systems (DAS) since their beginning in 1989. In today’s blog, Matt Melester talks about the history of DAS and how it is still a key tool for delivering the density and high capacity that mobile operators need.

The Best Microwave Antenna Side Lobes Video Ever!

Posted by Jim Syme on December 13, 2016
Today’s blogger Jim Syme admits he doesn’t really know if this new CommScope video is the best ever about microwave antenna side lobes. But he thinks so, and it does an awesome job in explaining what microwave antenna side lobes are and why they are so important to microwave network performance. Check out the video and see if you agree.

Top 10 CommScope Innovations: Base Station Antenna Beam Tilting

Posted by Lou Meyer on December 7, 2016
Today’s blog post announces one of the top 10 innovations made by CommScope (or one of its acquired companies)—base station antenna beam tilting. This innovation enabled wireless network operators to improve their coverage areas and network performance. The ability to adjust, optimize and control antenna patterns remains a key tool for delivering high-performing wireless networks to users, says blog author Lou Meyer.

CommScope’s Top Innovations: The SiteRise Tower Top Solution

Posted by Mike Fabbri on December 2, 2016
As part of its 40th anniversary observance, the CommScope team set out to identify the top 40 innovations that have come from CommScope (or one of its acquired companies) over the past 40 years. Today’s blog post discusses the SiteRise system, CommScope’s unique cell tower solution that integrates all the major tower top components into one factory-assembled, factory-tested unit. This top 20 CommScope innovation helped Ooredoo achieve 50 percent savings in deployment time, 50 percent better performance, and 50 percent energy savings.

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