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Moving Faster in Enterprise Data Center

Everyone wants to push more data faster, and that need is driving rapid changes in Ethernet speeds in the data center. Hyperscale data centers are deploying 100 Gigabit Ethernet (100GbE) with an expectation of moving to 200GbE or 400GbE in a couple of years, and they are looking further ahead to terabit-plus speeds. In enterprise data centers, things move more slowly. Only recently have we seen 10GbE become mainstream for enterprises, but since the pace of change in available Ethernet speeds is accelerating, it’s doubtful that 10GbE will last for 5 or 10 years in the enterprise data center. In this Feature Article that first appeared in Data Center Journal on June 27, 2017, Jarred Baker, data center solutions architect for CommScope, believes we will see a rapid move to 25GbE and 100GbE. Read More