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Advancing Wireless Network Connectivity for 5G

The yet-to-be-standardized 5G wireless technology has many hopes and promises associated with it, including delivering up to 10 Gigabits per second (Gbps) of throughput per user—a data rate more than 10-times faster than 4G/LTE networks. Being able to deliver such major gains in network speed is just part of the 5G vision. The Internet of Things concept envisions a massive amount of machines—parking meters, vending machines and other devices—connecting wirelessly to the cloud to improve their capabilities. Autonomous driving and virtual reality applications also fill out the 5G vision. Like all of the ‘Gs’ that have preceded it, an essential step to defining and rolling out 5G will be ensuring that it can accommodate mobile broadband growth, i.e. the amount of wireless traffic that continues to increase. In this byline article from Kevin Linehan, Vice President, Office of Chief Technology Officer, CommScope, he explains that these ambitious goals are being worked out in 5G labs, trials and consortiums around the globe. This article first appeared on the US Ignite website on Mar. 28, 2017. Read More