Feb 10, 2016
Wireless in Buildings: Overcoming the Barriers to Indoor Connectivity
Building professionals are uncertain about who is responsible for provisioning indoor cellular systems. Yet survey respondents asserted that such systems could increase a property’s value by 28% on average. They also cited many benefits for enterprise tenants. …Click to view
Nov 19, 2015
Buildings in Wireless: The Next Great Frontier
In today’s mobile society, buildings are sometimes called the next great frontier in wireless. Consumers expect robust wireless service everywhere, yet the vast majority of the world’s commercial buildings do not offer dedicated cellular networks to meet this enormous demand. …Click to view
Oct 13, 2015
Power on the Tower – With a Boost from the Bottom
With wireless operators deploying increasingly powerful remote radio units (RRUs) at the top of cell towers, and with those RRUs being further distanced from the power distribution points, delivering electric power efficiently becomes more challenging—and costly. To help solve the problem, CommScope introduces PowerShift™, a whole new way of managing power to RRUs at macro and micro cell sites. …Click to view
Sep 21, 2015
Investing in our Future - 2014
We’re pursuing smart, strategic, sustainable business practices that enable us to serve the needs of our customers and our planet. To see the impact, check out our latest infographic. …Click to view
Apr 3, 2015
Dedicated In-Building Wireless is No Longer Optional
How do you achieve maximum workplace productivity in a world that is increasingly wireless? Start by providing dedicated, fast, reliable indoor wireless connectivity. …Click to view
Mar 4, 2015
Wireless in the Office
Smartphone adoption and video streaming contribute to an increase in wireless subscriber demand for high speeds and network availability in the workplace. Are you meeting subscriber demand at the office? …Click to view
Dec 15, 2014
PIM Happens…Indoors?
As wireless service providers add the most recent 4G/LTE capabilities to their indoor networks, the incidences and effects of PIM on performance and profitability are on the rise. One defense is using best-in-class PIM-rate DAS components. …Click to view
Nov 3, 2014
Putting Microwave Antennas on Trial in Hungary
A real-world case study conducted in Hungary proved how the low side lobes of ETSI Class 4 microwaves antennas enable a significant reduction in interference, better reliability and effective spectrum management. …Click to view
Sep 14, 2014
Investing in Our Future - 2013
In 2013, CommScope made significant strides toward the environmental objectives we established in 2012. Check out this Sustainability infographic to view the highlights of the past year and learn more about our company’s leadership, ethics, volunteerism and environmental milestones …Click to view
Jul 21, 2014
Transitioning to LTE in Wireless Networks, thumbnail
Transitioning to LTE in Wireless Networks
Wireless operators worldwide are upgrading their networks to LTE in order to reach higher data speeds and network capacity. But what’s involved in an LTE network upgrade? This infographic highlights the challenges that wireless operators face when making the transition to LTE—from additional frequency bands to new cell site equipment and design. …Click to view

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