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The broadband pioneer continues to lead the way

CommScope was among the first to conceive of, and plan for, the universal connectivity we enjoy in our modern broadband world. Decades ago, we designed a complete portfolio of broadband RF, copper and optical solutions to power the information revolution—and we’re proud to remain an industry leader to this day. 

As high-speed data services become commonplace fixtures in homes all over the world, CommScope solutions will continue to scale and innovate to meet growing demand and power the networks of tomorrow.

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Information is the business of every enterprise

The business world is changing daily, and it demands the fast, reliable flow of information across offices, buildings, campuses and the entire world. CommScope’s broad family of enterprise solutions is built to meet the uniquely demanding performance, flexibility and budgetary needs of business world. 

Reliable performance. Flexible deployments. Managed costs. Dependable migration paths. When your business depends on information to run, it can depend on CommScope to help it succeed.

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CommScope solutions connect the wireless world

Our portfolio of wireless solutions covers the entire RF path for networks all over the world—everything but the radio. When technology advances, you’ll always find CommScope solutions on the leading edge with the innovations that help define the standards—and surpass expectations.

As user data demand continues to grow, wireless operators can trust CommScope to deliver the solutions that keep their networks ahead of the curve.

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