'LTE Best Practices' eBook

Available for: iPad®, iPod Touch®, Android (3.0 and Up) and Amazon Kindle Fire®

The 'LTE Best Practices' eBook app provides fast access and offline reading to nearly 50 pages of practices built on decades of collaboration, field experience, and innovation in the lab. They include answers and tips to help demystify the technology, untangle the complexity, improve services and accelerate time to market.

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The LTE Best Practices eBook can help you spot the challenges—and the opportunities—in your LTE deployment, with insights into:

  • Noise and interference mitigation
  • Avoiding passive intermodulation (PIM)
  • Co-siting and outdoor site construction
  • Upgrading microwave backhaul capacity
  • Fiber-to-the-antenna (FTTA) implementation
  • The role of DAS, small cell and more



Available for: iPad®

Navigate. Compare. Download. Share.
cCatalog for iPad app offers a more streamlined interface for faster, easier access. Navigate to what you need and enjoy deeper product insight. Compare products and manage projects. Make the right purchase decisions and share your feedback.

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Loaded with useful features:
  • Compare up to five products at once 
  • View product briefs, specs, images and related products 
  • Print, email or save spec sheets to your personalized Bookshelf 
  • Open PDFs or videos in the Documents and Tools section 
  • Access CommScope blogs, press releases and YouTube videos 
  • View product status – new, discontinued and to-be-discontinued 
  • Create projects with part numbers and quantities to send email directly from the app to a CommScope contact 
Thousands of products. All major brands. At your fingertips. 



    Available for: iPhone®, iPod Touch®, Android 2.1 and Up


    The cCatalog app for iPhone and Android allows you to search for product specifications, locate related products, and save favorite products for easy access. This realtime app allows you to quickly navigate through the entire collection of over 25,000 CommScope products.

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    With the cCatalog app from CommScope, you can:

    • Access information and specifications for over 25,000 CommScope products including our Andrew, Broadband, Carrier, SYSTIMAX, and Uniprise Solutions
    • Create projects with part numbers and quantities to send email directly from the app to a CommScope contact
    • View related products
    • View products by status - New, To Be Discontinued, and Discontinued
    • Send email links to product specifications
    • Stay current with information from CommScope blogs, press releases, and videos



    Available for: iPad®, iPhone®, iPod touch® and Android 2.2 and up

    If high quality matters to you and your network, you'll appreciate cTrak, the mobile version of our WebTrak certified report system. It's a quick and easy mobile tool that lets you access performance testing results.

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    Performance test results for the following CommScope products:

    • BSA Antennas
    • Wireless Fiber Feeders
    • Fiber and Hybrid Fiber Cables
    • Twisted Pair
    • Fiber MPO Modules
    • ION-U
    • Modular Multi-Channel Cassettes
    • Modular Multi-Channel Assemblies
    • Passive Devices
    • Wireless Fiber Feeders
    • Cable Assemblies
    • DAS Devices 
    • Copper Preterminated Cable Assemblies

    cTrak is just one more way that CommScope provides the quality assurance that ensures high performance for your network and greater peace of mind for you.

    Watch the Promotional Video. See the cTrak app in action.

    cCalc for iPad icon

    cCalc™ version 1.2 (updated)

    Available for: iPad®

    The CommScope cCalc™ app combines the most useful calculating tools for your broadband, enterprise or wireless network in one easy-to-use mobile app. Log measurements for multiple calculations, exchange projects between users, define and save your favorite configurations, and export data quickly and easily. It’s all at your fingertips with cCalc.

    What's New in this Version: Broadband Attenuation Slide Rule Calculator added

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    cCalc™ version 1.0 (new)

    Available for: iPhone®, iPod touch®, and Android OS version 2.2 or later

    The CommScope cCalc™ app combines the most useful calculating tools for your broadband, enterprise or wireless network in one easy-to-use mobile app. cCalc for the iPhone, iPod touch and Android launches with the Broadband Attenuation Slide Rule Calculator, with Link Loss and PIM calculators to follow shortly. Additional calculators will be added to provide an entire suite to help manage your network infrastructure. It’s all at your fingertips with cCalc.

    Download cCalc for iPhone, iPod touch or Android now:


    Redwood Controller

    Available for: iPhone®, iPod touch®, iPad® and Android OS version 2.2 or later


    The Redwood Systems “Redwood Controller” mobile light control application enables Redwood customers to control their lights directly from an Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad running iOS 5.0 or later. There is also a version for Android-enabled mobile devices, running Android OS version 2.2 or later. An easy-to-use on-screen interface provides convenient lighting scene control from any location.

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      Features include:

      • Selecting a location and adding favorite locations 
      • Displaying available scenes for a selected location
      • Activation and de-activation of a selected scene
      • Password protected entry

      Additional information:

      iOS Mobile Controller User Guide
      Android Mobile Controller User Guide