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Calculators and Tools

These calculation, configuration and design tools are provided for guidance purposes only. They are provided "as is" and should not be relied upon without consultation with and supervision of experienced personnel and a local CommScope representative. CommScope makes no representations or warranties of any kind related to these tools, whether express or implied, and specifically disclaims and excludes any representation or warranty of merchantability, quality, content, completeness, suitability, adequacy, accuracy, noninfringement or fitness for a particular purpose and any representation arising by usage of trade, course of dealing or course of performance. CommScope is under no obligation to issue any upgrades, update specifications or notify users of this tool that changes have been made. The user of these tools assumes all risks associated with such use, and CommScope hereby disclaims any and all liability for damages of any kind resulting from such use.

Fiber Performance Calculator (.zip)
Calculate quickly and accurately the link or channel loss in an innovative manner, and find the supported applications for the configuration. You can log the results and send them by email.

CommScope Div 27 Spec Generation Tool (.zip)
Quickly create comprehensive communications cabling specifications for CommScope products, delivered in Division 27 MasterFormat®. This tool allows users to customize specifications, saving precious time. No more cut and paste to create communications cabling specifications.

Generador de Pliegos(.zip)
(Spanish version of the Spec Generation Tool)
Saque el máximo partido de las extensas especificaciones de cableado de CommScope. Esta herramienta le permitirá crear un pliego personalizado en solo unos pocos segundos. Diga adios al “cortar y pegar” para crear sus pliegos.

Copper Performance Specifications Document (.zip)
Consult all the updated SYSTIMAX Performance Specifications for the most common applications running over copper (Data, Voice, Video and Building Administration System). You can filter the applications you use often and create your own tailored specs document.

Fiber Performance Specifications Document (.zip)
Have a look at all the updated SYSTIMAX Performance Specifications for the most common applications running over fiber (Ethernet, Fibre Channel, Infiniband…) with or without pre-terminated solutions. You can filter the applications you use often and create your own tailored specs document.

CommScope Fiber Ordering Assistant (.zip)
The CommScope Fiber Ordering Assistant is a simple to use program which will assist the user in selecting CommScope Fiber Apparatus and cabling solutions. This program provides a user GUI to simplify the selection process for both SYSTIMAX and Uniprise fiber shelves, modules, cabling, jumpers and connectors. Users can create a Bill of Material and export it to Excel.

Pathways and Spaces Calculator
This web tool provides an easy way to estimate how many cables would fit into a raceway or conduit, given a fill percentage. Users can select cable, trunks, raceways and conduits from predefined lists or define their own.

Band and Block PIM Calculators

CommScope’s Band and Block PIM Calculators have moved to the Distributor-Customer portal.
Loginor request access. Once in the portal, select Design Resources/Calculators from the left menu.

RF Path Calculator

RF Path Calculator (.zip) - Global

New evolved version of the former PIM & VSWR Calculator
Addressed to RF engineers or Cell Site designers, it provides system calculations for:

  • Passive InterModulation (PIM)
  • Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR)
  • Effective Isotropic Radiated Power (EIRP)
  • Noise Figure
  • Third Order Intercept Point (IP3)

Various components can be selected to be included in the RF path for analysis at a given frequency and vector addition calculations are performed for both typical and worst-case results.

Additional RF Calculators and Converters

These tools make it easy to calculate commonly requested results, such as IM, system VSWR, loss differences, and much more. RF planners using Planet pattern data can also view and compare various antenna patterns using the Planet Viewer


PullMaster™ (.zip)
This software package helps system engineering and construction groups model and optimize conduit cable pulls before construction begins. This software provides a user-friendly technique for predicting expected tensions and fill ratios for a specific cable pull. The construction process can them be optimized and "best pull" locations identified, thus helping to reduce frustration and cost for crews in the field.

SpanMaster®:Metric Version (.zip) | Standard Version (.zip) | README FILE | README FILE for Windows Vista

CommScope's SpanMaster software is a tool designed for use in the calculation of sag and tension of single or multiple cable combinations under various environmental loading conditions. SpanMaster software takes the user through a logical step-by-step process of information entry and produces sag and tension results for any cable span.

SpanMaster is a great tool for determining the "what ifs" of aerial plant design. SpanMaster makes it easy to conduct a design "checkup" before actual installation begins to determine how strand size, cable bundle size, span length, and the amount of sag will affect the tension being applied to the span's poles under loaded conditions. With SpanMaster the user can easily change design variables one at a time and watch as the resultant span tension changes in response. Finally, the printed documentation provided by SpanMaster can be a very important tool when using jointly shared poles.Download Patch: After you download SpanMaster and try to open it, you may receive an error message stating that your computer is missing MSVBVMSD.DLL. Msvbvm50.exe is a self-extracting file that installs the latest versions of the Microsoft Visual Basic run-time files that all applications created with Visual Basic 5.0 need in order to work. If this happens, go to MicroSoft site and download the patch.

Powered Fiber Power/Distance Calculator
Calculate minimum input voltage requirements and the maximum hybrid cable length between the power source and the PoE extender.


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