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    CommScope eBooks available for download

    As a trusted advisor for communications networks around the world, CommScope invests in people as much as our products and our industry. Our comprehensive training and education programs, participation in working groups on specs and standards, educational conferences, and extensive research are long-standing traditions that benefit everyone in our industry.

    Our experts are pleased to present our series of eBooks on the fundamentals for the telecommunications industry available for free download. We hope this valuable information will help foster a greater understanding of, and appreciation for, the technology, science and business behind modern communications.

  • In-building Wireless Best Practices eBook

    IBW Best Practices eBook 2017  

    As soon as the first cell phones began repeatedly dropping calls in sunny, glass-walled lobbies, the seeds of the first in-building wireless (IBW) solutions were planted. Today’s vastly improved IBW technology minimizes interference, boosts bandwidth and provides rock-solid coverage. This 55-page best practices ebook will help you decide which indoor wireless technology is the smart choice for your property. It covers:

    This means the opportunities—and the challenges—of LTE deployments will continue to be a prime mover in the wireless communications industry and its evolution.

    • The past, present and future of IBW, current trends, emerging challenges and opportunities
    • Specific IBW selection criteria accompanied by specific use cases for various venues
    • A thorough explanation of small cells, distributed antenna systems, Wi-Fi and unlicensed spectrum
    • A building’s worth of DAS deployment and funding tips!

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  • LTE Best Practices eBook (English)

    LTE Best Practices eBook 2017  

    Learn how to navigate the LTE technology maze

    LTE is growing far beyond its primary adoption in North America and Europe, and is poised to continue its domination of new network deployments all over the world for many years to come—with experts predicting at least 65 percent of the world will be covered by LTE networks by the year 2019.

    This means the opportunities—and the challenges—of LTE deployments will continue to be a prime mover in the wireless communications industry and its evolution.

    LTE best practices: Insights to navigate the technology maze is full of facts and actionable information that can guide your successful LTE rollout, with insights into:

    • PIM, noise and interference mitigation
    • Super-efficient C-RAN technologies
    • Co-siting and outdoor site construction
    • Upgrading microwave backhaul capacity
    • Fiber-to-the-antenna (FTTA) implementation
    • DAS, small cells and metro cells

    Think Fiber. Think CommScope. eBook

    The road to the future is paved in fiber. No other infrastructure solution offers its efficiency, performance and sheer speed. If it’s not the cornerstone of your network or data center now, it will be soon. To gain the greatest of fiber benefits, however, you need to work with a solutions provider who’s been at the center of the science since the industry’s very first fiber-optic deployments—CommScope. Think Fiber. Think CommScope. This ebook shows how CommScope and fiber have grown up together. You’ll see:

    • How CommScope solutions date to the first commercial fiber products
    • How many solutions meet or exceed standards—often before they are even published
    • How fiber plays a critical role in data centers, intelligent buildings, wired and wireless networks
    • How emerging applications and technologies make fiber a must-have in the modern enterprise
    • How CommScope is making fiber easier to deploy and more cost-efficient than ever
    • How single-source provisioning of complete fiber solutions is possible on a global scale


    When you think fiber, think CommScope.



    Connected and Efficient Data Center eBook

    The ground beneath your data center is moving

    Change in the data center is accelerating, growing and threatening to overtake you. Shifting architecture, increasing lane speeds, impossible demands for latency. Staying ahead means keeping informed.

    The Connected + Efficient Data Center

    This concise, 10-chapter e-book covers the most important aspects of your changing data center environment. Fabric network architectures, DCIM and AIM deployment, strategies for higher-speed migration and much more. Front to back, it’s packed with valuable take-with information.

    Bonus content

    The Connected + Efficient Data Center e-book also features additional resources that you’ll refer to again and again as your data center continues to evolve.



    Connected and Efficient Buildings eBook

    Insights into new technologies in the workplace: best practices

    Connected and Efficient Buildings offers a meaningful look into the applications, design and technologies that are a part of today’s modern building, including:

    • The Internet of Things
    • Universal Connectivity Grid
    • Automated Infrastructure Management
    • Power over Ethernet
    • Audio/Visual and HDBaseT
    • Wireless as the Next Utility
    • Low-Voltage Lighting Control
    • Space Utilization
    • Building Information Modeling
    • Safety and Security
    • Standards



    Microwave Communication Basics eBook

    The theory, practices and technologies that link the wireless world

    Microwave Communication Basics offers a meaningful look into the components, systems and practices that go into an efficient, reliable microwave communications network including:

    • Communication and path design
    • Importance of patterns and regulatory compliance
    • Environmental considerations
    • Mechanical and structural factors
    • Antenna selection and minimizing ROI
    • Installation, path alignment, and more



    Understanding the RF Path eBook

    The 'Understanding the RF Path' eBook gives you access to nearly 200 pages of wireless industry expertise. At CommScope, we believe that a more knowledgeable wireless network industry enables better decisions that fuel greater success. This eBook presents relevant advice — not only on how networks function, but why they generate revenue. This perspective is ideal for any professional mindful of the business behind the communication.

    Get RF expertise at your fingertips