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Connected and Efficient Data Centers for Cloud Providers

Scalable fiber solutions for more cloud growth

The move to the cloud is indisputable—conservative estimates predict cloud computing will grow at an 18 percent annual rate, from now through the end of the decade.

Whether you're a cloud provider or building a data center with cloud technology, CommScope provides dependable infrastructure that supports cloud-based networks. With the largest portfolio of reliable, scalable and cost-effective data center solutions—we offer cloud-optimized connectivity and management tools that solve today's challenges while providing a clear migration path for your future cloud growth.

  • High-density fiber connectivity is designed to scale to thousands of connections based on easy-to-deploy modular components that can grow your bandwidth to 100G, 200G, 400G and beyond
  • Ribbon fiber cable delivers fiber counts up to 1728 
  • FiberGuide® is our rugged fiber raceway system that routes and protects your fiber today and can easily grow to meet your needs
  • Automated infrastructure management (AIM) is our intelligent infrastructure management solution that tracks, monitors and reports on your network's connectivity in real time


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White Paper: The Connected and Efficient Data Center

White Paper Strategies for a connected and efficient data center2 For anyone involved in data center management, there is no such thing as “maintenance mode” or “business as usual.” The job itself is not unlike scaling a mountain—you advance bit by bit and, every so often, you find a precarious ledge on which to catch
Publish Date: November 1, 2016 Region: Global

Design Guide: Fabric Networks – Designing your network for the future – from 10G through 400G and beyond

This guide provides an overview of fabric technology, along with design considerations and a practical look at implementing fiber connectivity that can accommodate changes in architecture a well as higher line rates as the network grows.
Publish Date: April 25, 2016 Region: Global