7634511-01   |   i-POI 17-U

CommScope Active Intelligent Point of Interface, AWS 1700 band, UMTS

This product will be discontinued on: January 31, 2016

Replaced By:

7634512-01 i-POI 17/17 CommScope Active Intelligent Point of Interface, AWS 1700 band, LTE MIMO

i-POI Active Intelligent Point of Interface
Integrated base station interface for distributed antenna systems
A space-saving solution that reduces costs while delivering unmatched control of BTS conditioning and PIM.
The CommScope Active Point of Interface (i-POI) offers a combination of intelligence, simplicity and compact size, that takes the guesswork and expense out of base station transceiver (BTS) commissioning and maintenance.
The i-POI is a revolutionary interface solution that incorporates BTS conditioning, signal combining, splitting, power management monitoring, E911 support, and various test options into a single, streamlined component.

Featuring an innovative linear design, the i-POI delivers high quality of service with minimal signal degradation, while also simplifying trouble-shooting and reducing field service costs. It minimizes the passive intermodulation (PIM) problems often associated with typical BTS-to-DAS interface implementations, and it also offers the ability to monitor and control BTS conditioning both on-site, using a front-panel color display, and remotely, through network management systems such as AIMOS or SNMP traps.

By combining multiple functions within a single unit, the i-POI reduces installation space requirements by up to 75%. That allows more space for other essential components, while offering plug-and-play installation, without the need for splitters, couplers and terminators.

Compatible with multiple wireless technologies including GSM, CDMA, UMTS, and LTE, the CommScope i-POI was developed in conjunction with major wireless operators around the world, specifically to solve the challenges facing DAS engineers and operators. It has universal application with all distributed antenna systems, and it works particularly well when incorporated into CommScope ION™-M and ION™-B systems.
  • Two low PIM BTS interfaces
  • Support of duplexed and non-duplexed signal and uplink diversity
  • Programmable, downlink automatic level control (ALC) for power control
  • Power level alarms that monitor the BTS connection including input and output RSSI
  • Built-in signal generator used to commission and trouble-shoot
  • E911 interface
  • Integrated color display for local control