Tower Mounted Amplifier, PCS

PCS Dual Duplex Tower Mounted Amplifier
1900 MHz TMA
Designed for the highest reliability even in the most demanding installation environments.
The tower mounted amplifiers from Andrew Solutions help optimize network performance and represent the ideal solution for coverage and capacity enhancement.
By improving uplink performance, Andrew Solutions tower mounted amplifiers (TMAs) ensure optimum coverage of fringe areas, weak spots, and indoor locations. The unit is easy to install in any wireless system and provides:

Improved sensitivity—reducing dropped calls and failed connection attempts. Enhanced signal quality—improving voice clarity and data transmission speed. Lower handset output—extending talk time and reducing interference in GSM/EDGE, UMTS, and CDMA systems.

The self-contained body is engineered to ensure the highest reliability in severe environments while featuring a very compact size and attractive appearance.

The PCS Dual Duplex TMA includes pole mounting hardware. It can be wall mounted with user-provided fasteners.
  • 12 dB gain
  • Full band operation
  • Failsafe low noise amplifier (LNA) bypass
  • Multi-stage lightning protection
  • Sealed to protection class IP67
  • In-line connectors