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Operating Frequency Band
Horizontal Beamwidth
RF Connector Quantity, total
RF Connector Quantity, low band
RF Connector Quantity, high band
Antenna Type
RF Connector Interface
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4-port multibeam antenna, 4x 790–960 MHz, 2x 38° HPBW, 2x RET with manual override.
4-port multibeam antenna, 1695–2400 MHz, 2x 38° horizontal beamwidth
8-port multibeam antenna, 8x 1695–2200 MHz, 4x 38° HPBW, 4x RET
8-port multieam antenna, 4x 698–894 and 4x 1710-2170 MHz, 4x 37° HPBW, 4x RET
8-port multibeam antenna, 4x 698–894 and 4x 1710-2180 MHz, 4x 35° HPBW, 4x RET
4-port multibeam antenna, 4x 694–896 MHz, 2x 37° HPBW, 2x RET with manual override.
18-port multibeam antenna, 18x 1710–2170 MHz, 2x9 Beam Panel Antenna for Event Coverage. Two rows of beams spaced 8° in elevation. One set of beams 4° up (+45°) and one set of beams 4° down(-45°) and 5° in azimuth. Upper and lower beam sets displaced in azimuth by ± 2.5° from boresight.
10-port multibeam antenna, 10x 1710–2180 MHz, 5x 10-14° HPBW, fixed electrical tilt
10-port multibeam antenna, 10x 698–894 MHz, 5 x 13.5° HPBW, fixed electrical tilt. Ships with two T-041-GL-E mounting kits.
HBXX-3817TB1-VTM | HBXX-3817TB1-A2M
4-port multibeam antenna, 4x 1710–2180 MHz, 2x 38° HPBW, RET compatible
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