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7461004   |   F6SSVV

75 Ohm Coaxial Drop Cable, Series 6, black flame retardant PVC jacket

Construction Materials  
Jacket Material   Fire retardant PVC
Center Conductor Material   Copper-clad steel
Dielectric Material   Foam PE
Inner Shield (Braid) Coverage   60 %
Inner Shield (Braid) Gauge   34 AWG
Inner Shield (Braid) Material   Aluminum
Inner Shield (Tape) Material   Aluminum/Polymer/Aluminum (APA) bonded
Outer Shield (Braid) Coverage   40 %
Outer Shield (Braid) Gauge   34 AWG
Outer Shield (Braid) Material   Aluminum
Outer Shield (Tape) Material   Aluminum/Polymer/Aluminum (APA)
Diameter Over Center Conductor, nominal   1.016 mm   |   0.040 in
Diameter Over Dielectric, nominal   4.572 mm   |   0.180 in
Diameter Over Inner Shield (Tape), nominal   4.750 mm   |   0.187 in
Diameter Over Jacket, nominal   7.544 mm   |   0.297 in
Jacket Thickness, nominal   0.8382 mm   |   0.0330 in
Shipping Weight   42.00 lb/kft
Electrical Specifications  
dc Resistance, Inner Conductor, nominal   30.50 ohms/kft
dc Resistance, Outer Conductor, nominal   5.20 ohms/kft
dc Resistance, Loop, nominal   35.70 ohms/kft
dc Resistance Note   Nominal values based on a standard condition of 20 °C (68 °F)
Capacitance   53.1 pF/m   |   16.2 pF/ft
Characteristic Impedance   75 ohm
Characteristic Impedance Tolerance   ±3 ohm
Nominal Velocity of Propagation (NVP)   85 %
Environmental Specifications  
Environmental Space   Indoor
Flame Test Listing   CATV   |   CM   |   NEC Article 800   |   NEC Article 820
General Specifications  
Cable Type   Series 6
Packaging Type   Reel
Shield Construction Type   Quad shield
Center Conductor Gauge   18 AWG
Center Conductor Type   Solid
Jacket Color   Black
Jacket Marking   Feet
Warranty   One year
Electrical Performance
FrequencyAttenuation (dB/100 m)Attenuation (dB/100 ft)
5 MHz1.900.58
55 MHz5.251.60
83 MHz6.401.95
85 MHz6.461.97
187 MHz9.352.85
204 MHz9.843.00
211 MHz10.003.05
250 MHz10.823.30
300 MHz11.643.55
350 MHz12.633.85
400 MHz13.614.15
450 MHz14.434.40
500 MHz15.294.66
550 MHz16.084.90
600 MHz16.735.10
750 MHz18.545.65
865 MHz20.016.10
1000 MHz21.496.55
1218 MHz23.667.21
  • Attenuation listed represents maximum values at standard condition of 20 °C (68 °F)

Regulatory Compliance/Certifications
RoHS 2011/65/EUCompliant
ISO 9001:2008Designed, manufactured and/or distributed under this quality management system

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