1360411   |   BP-NID-2000

Network Interface Device (NID) Enclosure for MicroNode

BOS Network Interface Device (NID)
The BOS NID is specifically designed to house the different versions of the BOS MicroNode.
This environmentally sealed and impact resistant enclosure offers excellent protection for the optical fiber drop and the MicroNode. The NID has an integrated fiber management tray that helps the technician store excess fiber and maintains the minimum bend radius of the fiber. The cable entry grommets are customized for CommScope’s all dielectric flat drop fiber cable, the drop armored fiber cable, and the 6 series coaxial drop cable. The NID also features an inner “Craft Access Only” cover that protects the fiber termination while allowing full view of the MicroNode’s status LEDs. This low profile, indoor/outdoor NID is perfectly matched to safeguard the MicroNode and improve the reliability of the FTTH drop.
  • Indoor/outdoor use
  • Weather hardened/impact resistant closure
  • Integrated fiber management
  • Cable entry grommets
  • “Craft access only” cover