760002576   |   O-004-LN-8W-F04NS

Single Jacket All-Dielectric, Gel-Filled, Outdoor Stranded Loose Tube Cable

CommScope® TeraSPEED® Loose Tube Dielectric Outdoor Fiber Optic Cable
Gel-Filled Buffer Tubes
The CommScope® TeraSPEED® Loose Tube Dielectric cable is constructed with industry standard buffer tubes, stranded around a central strength member. TeraSPEED cables provide the widest possible usable wavelength spectrum by eliminating the high loss caused by water impurities
The buffer tubes are compatible with standard hardware, cable routing and fan-out kits. The cable core is water blocked with dry water-blocking materials, making access and handling of individual tubes easier and craft-friendly. These cables are designed for point-to-point applications as well as mid-span access, and provide a high-level of protection for fiber installed in the outside plant environment.
  • Stranded Loose Tube Construction
  • TeraSPEED singlemode fiber is a dispersion unshifted fiber, which meets applicable requirements
  • Capable of supporting existing and legacy singlemode applications

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